10 Beautiful Ways to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Using Twitter as a marketing tool does not have to be a daunting task. We’re here to show you 10 examples of businesses using Twitter in a visually exciting way to promote their brand. If you want a complete social media presence for your business, Twitter should definitely be near the top of your list.

With its 140 character Tweet limit, your first instinct will be to develop short and snappy copy. But, there are several ways you can build your brand visually on Twitter that you should try. While Pinterest and Instagram are typically thought of as the more visual social media sites, read on to learn about how brands our building a visual presence on Twitter, and why these tactics might just work for your brand, too.

1. Starbucks – Variety is the spice of life

Starbucks on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

As you would expect, the photos on the Starbucks Twitter page are beautiful examples of food and drink photography. But they also know that you’re going to get sick of seeing pictures of iced caramel macchiatos everyday. So, they have done a great job of mixing up their visual content with a mixture of animated gifs, beautiful photos, illustrations, and stop motion animation.

2. Toms – Inspire with images

Toms on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Toms is famous for their business model that for every pair of shoes purchased, they give one to a child in need of shoes. And the first thing you see when you look at their Twitter feed is their slogan “One for One” across their profile picture. This immediately gets their message across, but they also use images throughout their timeline to inspire sometimes with nothing more than a beautiful image and an encouraging quote. Twitter is not all about selling – take some time to connect and inspire your followers.

3. Etsy – Showcase your uniqueness

Etsy on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Ripe for visual content, Etsy does a great job of showing off their unique products. Each post is a surprise that showcases a creation or theme from their online store. Don’t be shy in showing off what products make your store one of a kind.

4. Amazon – Crowdsource your content

Amazon on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Let your customers do the work of providing content for you! Amazon just ran a #PrimePet promotion encouraging followers to show their pets beating the heat with Amazon purchased products. The result is a series with ready-made content – plus, what’s more popular on the internet than a cute dog?

5. Apple – Show how to use your product

Apple on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Apple uses Twitter as a support tool, but specifically has sets of tutorials in a series of images. This makes it easy for followers to see how to use Apple’s products better rather than a wordy explanation in post form. Maybe not “beautiful” content per se, but your customers sure will appreciate it.

6. Netflix – Use your real estate

Netflix on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

When someone comes to your Twitter page, your cover photo is what looms large in his or her view. So don’t forget to use it! Netflix is constantly updating their cover photo to showcase their recent releases, but most importantly their images contain text details about release dates or other pertinent info.

7. Gap – Set the mood

Gap on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

In a world filled with advertising and messaging, sometimes the best option for your brand is to create stillness and simplicity in your Twitter visuals. Gap captures both the freedom of summer and the peacefulness of the ocean with a gorgeous photo of a sunset over the ocean. Sure this has nothing to do with their product, but when using Twitter as a marketing tool, it builds brand awareness by encouraging you to stick around and check out the rest of their Twitter profile.

8. adidas – Maximize your cover photo

Adidas on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

As mentioned, the cover photo is a huge piece of the visual aspect of your profile that you control. Adidas takes advantage of this through a simple collage. No frills, just five images showing off their products in use. If you’re going to use a collage, make sure to keep the rest of your visual aspects relatively simple, like adidas does, with a striking black and white image pinned to the top of the page so that your page is not visually overwhelming.

9. Orbitz – Humor me

Orbitz on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

If you want to break through the Twitter noise, humor can go a long way. Not only does Orbitz have endless amounts of visual options with gorgeous travel destinations, but they take the time to share memes and other comical visual content that fits their brand persona. So many Tweets are posted by a brand each day (we recommend 5-7x!). When using Twitter as a marketing tool, the key is to build your brand personality with consistent words and images.

10. TIME – Tell a story

Time on Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Time’s current cover photo is a collage of magazine covers highlighting various issues from the past years. This is an effective way to tell a story with your images and show off your successes. It emphasizes Time’s longevity as a magazine as well as its importance in the coverage of world events.

Long story short – if your business is on social media, you should be using Twitter as a marketing tool

Twitter as a marketing tool obviously has its advantages when implemented properly. Looking for more ways to boost your brand on social media? Check out our recommendations for how to build your business’ presence on Instagram and Pinterest. We’d love to help! Let us create a visually stunning email marketing campaign that highlights the best of your business. Contact Bizzy today!

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