10 Cool Fall-Themed Subject Lines to Boost List Engagement this Season

Fall-Themed Subject Lines

The Fall season is quickly approaching. With the cooling temperatures and the beautiful changes in the leaves, your email marketing can also exude these very attributes in your upcoming campaigns. Fall offers plentiful opportunities to engage your audience to your brand with exclusive offers, seasonal events or simply through your nurturing tactics. The beauty is you can leverage Fall in your email marketing to bolster your business goals as we move toward the end of the year. Here are ten useful Fall-themed subject lines to help boost open rates and engagement with your list.

Fall-themed subject lines

Our top 10 Fall-themed subject lines:

#1 “Hello Fall,”

Greet and welcome in the new season with this easy approach. Share a couple of exciting things your brand will be releasing this Fall to give your email list something to look forward to.

By the way, keeping your Fall-themed subject lines (and any others) short and sweet, preferably fewer than 50 characters, is a great practice to make sure that people scanning their inboxes can read your entire headliner.

#2 “10 Fabulous Ways to Make Fall Your Favorite Season”

This also makes for an effective blog post title. Using numbers in your subject lines are successful in getting your emails noticed, demonstrating a clear and straightforward message about your offer, and setting the right expectations.

#3 “NFL Kickoff Weekend – Get Free Shipping on Your Order”

America’s favorite sport is here…FOOTBALL!! There are so many ideas you can run with using NFL themes for your current and future ecommerce email marketing campaigns…this is just one. Consider using email segmentation to target customer’s local teams (if your brand is a big fan of football) in your subject lines.

If you like to plan out your email content in advance, check out these Super Bowl-themed subject lines to increase engagement during this highly festive time.

#4 “Autumn is here…time to fall into _____”

A cool way to signal the new season twice in your subject line.  Use it and see how your list responds!

#5 “Our New Fall Direction”

Got something new going on this season? The word “New” tends to ignite opens as people are curious to what these changes are and how it benefits them or aligns with their goals. This is a great subject line to introduce your new releases while drawing attention to the season!

#6 “Fall’s Must-Haves”

What are a few products/ideas/services your customers can’t do without this Fall? Post the details in a blog post or video then share the link in your email content using this subject line.

#7 Back to school subject lines

Back to school time is an ideal way to show your subscribers why they need your products to optimize the start to the school year. It’s a shopping season, so capitalize on it by using a few of these subject lines:

  • Hurry, before the bell rings! {Your urgent offer here}
  • Your First Assignment: $ave Money!
  • Raise your hand if you still need school supplies
  • Get Psyched for School with the Coolest Tools
  • A sale so big you’ll wish you had homework!

#8 “Fall Into Savings and Get 25% Off”

Simple yet effective in highlighting Fall and sharing an exclusive with your customers.

#9 “No Tricks, Just Treats. {Your sweet offer here}

Moving closer to the Halloween season, share the special treat you’re giving to exclusive customers.

#10 Add fun Fall emojis to your Fall-themed subject lines!

Emojis is a great way to connect with your customers and show a bit of personality in your emails.  Incorporate trendy Fall-themed emojis like ? to enhance your headliner. And you can never go wrong using this one: ?!

Spice up your email content using these free stock images

With the physical change of season, Fall offers beautiful imagery to be included in your email content. Because email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources and content with images tend to generate 94% more views than content without, adding visuals to your email content is crucial to significantly boosting engagement with your list. There are free options within your reach to truly optimize your eNewsletters.  Here are a few sources you can retrieve free stock images for your Fall-themed content:

  • All-Free Download – Gorgeous autumn images to enrich your email content
  • StockSnap.io – Large selection of beautiful free stock phots and high resolution images
  • Unsplash – A collection of free high-resolution photos where 10 new photos are released every 10 days
  • Public Domain Libraries – Over a million professional quality grade visuals to search
  • Your email marketing tool – Many have free stock images perfect for your email messages


Now that you have several Fall-themed subject lines to choose from, which one be the start to your Fall campaign? Please share your selection below along with any other ideas not listed!

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