10 Hot End of Summer Subject Lines & Ideas to Increase Open Rates

The summer is nearly over…but not quite! There’s still time to use summer-fun slogans in your email marketing to breed excitement, brand engagement, and anticipation of what’s coming next. Summertime offers many opportunities to use creative, entertaining subject lines that entice readers to open and engage with your content. We’ve gathered ten cool end of summer subject lines you can still use before the season ends.

end of summer subject lines

10 end of summer subject lines and ideas for your emails

#1 “Hot”, “Sizzling”, “Heatwave”, “Fun in the Sun”

Use descriptive summer words and phrases to introduce your new, quality-rich blog post or to promote an exclusive sale.

#2 “Don’t Miss Our Summer Party!”

Send an invite to your list to have them join in on the summer fun! This works best if you’re doing a live event or broadcasting live using social video platforms like Periscope or Facebook Live to take your audience behind the scenes!

#3 “A sale that’s better than fireworks”

Or “Let the fireworks begin”, creatively use common words that normally illustrate the summertime to promote an exciting event of eNewsletter. Other words include beach, sunglasses, shade, park, cabin, sunblock, and water!

#4 “Before you head off to that BBQ…”

Use events that people naturally associate with the season. Everyone can relate to going to a barbeque, picnic, or even a family reunion. Insert these into your subject line to resonate with your audience.

#5 Use movie or song titles

What are some popular songs or movies that came out during the summer that you can convert into an email subject line? A study revealed that emails with song titles was opened 26% of the time, 11% higher than those without a title. Increase your open rates by using a hit song!

#6 Use summer emojis

Emojis are great for adding personality and boosting engagement with your audience. Begin these end of summer subject lines by grabbing a few summer-themed emojis here (like ? ?that help complement your message!

#7 Create a calendar of local events

Segmenting your list by location to appeal to local audiences works extremely well. By sending a list of hot summer events, your subscribers will not only look forward to your emails, but they will open, engage and share them with their network. In fact, email subscribers are 3x more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources. Sharing events like the next fireworks, upcoming carnivals and festivals boosts your open rates and brand exposure.

Add sizzling summer photos to your emails with these free stock image sites

These end of summer subject lines are complemented best using images within your email to enhance your content message. Content with relevant images receive 94% more views than content without relevant images (Source: Hubspot). So incorporating visual content is a plus for increasing engagement.

The good news is that you can find free high-quality stock images to further your ecommerce email marketing. Here are a list of sources for your perusal:

  • Public domain libraries: Find professional grade photos of anything you seek.
  • Google Search: You can use images where owners have designated images as “free to use or share.”
  • Pexels: They have a plethora of high quality images that are free under the Creative Common license.

Show your customers that your company has a lot to celebrate this summer!

Your email content is one of the best ways to show how your company has been celebrating the summer and to connect with your audience. It’s also the perfect strategy to increasing sales and driving continued traffic to your blog content. Leverage these final days in your email marketing by choosing a few (or all) of these hot end of summer subject lines to add creativity. Do share in the comments below which headliners you decide to choose for your next email…we’d love to hear from you!

For more ways on how to enhance your ecommerce email marketing to achieve optimal results in your campaigns, contact us for a consultation. We are ready to help!

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