10 Pinterest Pro Tips – Analyzing the Success of Retail’s Heavy Hitters

10 pinterest pro tips

Below are 10 case studies showcasing how retail giants successfully use Pinterest to drive sales. Use these 10 Pinterest pro tips and watch your own boards thrive.

TL;DR? Here’s a quick summary:

  • Showcase seasonal boards at the top.
  • Vary your content!
  • Consistently themed boards rule.
  • Use color to build visual inspiration.
  • Build complimentary boards around your products.

nordstrom pinterest profile

1. Nordstrom: Showcase a variety of Pins, not just your own content.

Nordstrom is the most followed retailer on Pinterest, having built an impressive list of 4.4 million followers. What makes their Pinterest presence so powerful? Nordstrom’s profile is made up of a massive number of beautifully curated Pins and boards with a tasteful balance of self-promotion and sharing other content they know will interest their followers and shoppers.

Themed boards with everything from inspirational quotes to party planning tips and DIY projects feature a sprinkling of relevant Nordstrom products among them. They showcase a variety of links from Etsy prints to small craft blogger tutorials.

The key here is to offer a wealth of interesting pins that compliment your products. It’s important to not be shy about pointing to other people’s shops and blogs, rather than having a board totally dominated by links to your own shop.

Williams-sonoma pinterst profile

2. Williams-Sonoma: Put your most relevant boards at the top of your page.

Food pins are a staple on Pinterest. Williams-Sonoma makes the best of this popular category with many targeted boards organized by theme. Most boards include recipes, which are easily one of the top-pinned categories on the site.

One of the best tips you can take from the king of kitchen retail is how they organize their main profile page. You can organize and change the order of your boards at any time. Williams-Sonoma keeps seasonally relevant boards at the top.

vera bradley pinterest profile

3. Vera Bradley: If color use is key to your brand, make your boards match.

Color is a killer tool when it comes to visual content. Vera Bradley products have an edge in this department. They play up the color card by building themed “inspiration” boards based on different patterns. Notice how their pins complement the look of each particular fabric. If you offer a colorful product, this strategy is fabulous!

target pinterest profile

4. Target: Include your company logo in the corner of all Pins.

Target takes a different tactic from Nordstrom and shares mostly its own content. Target focuses on showcasing a variety of products they sell, while building their brand image. A quick tip to take from Target’s boards? Check the corner of every image, and you’ll find a tiny Target logo. This ensures their brand is traveling everywhere their Pinned images end up.

sephora pinterest profile

5. Sephora: Team up with influential, complimentary Pinners.

Beauty retailer Sephora has the advantage of being in another heavily Pinned and highly viral category on Pinterest. With the high population of female users, sharing and saving “looks to try” and “products to buy” is hugely popular. Sephora does a great job of gathering interesting images of their products in use by customers and sharing tutorials on how to get trending looks. They team up with influential Pinners like make up artists and stylists who can help extend their brand.

Teaming up with influential customers is an excellent strategy for increasing your social media presence (among other digital marketing channels). Take a peek at our Simple Ecommerce Business Checklist to make sure you have all your bases covered.

anthrppologie pinterest profile

6. Anthropologie: Give your boards a seasonal refresh to keep visitors engaged.

On Anthropologie’s popular page, you’ll find echoes of the strategies Nordstrom and Williams-Sonoma use. Most boards have a very good mix of outside content combined with a few links to Anthroplogies own site. The seasonally themed boards are front and center on their main profile page.

bath and body pinterest profile

7. Bath & Body Works: Build boards around product line themes.

Bath & Body Works definitely rivals Vera Bradley’s page for use of color. Here you’ll find a crazy rainbow of bold colors and beautifully designed board covers that grab the visitor’s attention. Bath & Body Works practices the art of building a themed board around a product line. For a great example, check out their “Pretty as a Peach” board that showcases a new fragrance surrounded by gorgeous complimentary Pins.

In addition to being a great social strategy, building up themed content around specific products can be extremely helpful when creating content for your company blog.  For more ideas, check out our article on creating valuable content for your customers.

forever21 pinterest profile

8. Forever 21: Use clever naming conventions on your boards.

Forever 21 ups the fashion factor on their Pinterest profile by creating consistent board cover designs. They also have a unique naming convention for each board. Again, Forever 21 keeps boards with their latest products and most seasonally appropriate content at the top.

lowes pinterest profile

9. Lowe’s: Show how your products can be used in DIY projects.

Surprised to find a home improvement store on the list? Don’t be! Pinterest users love a good DIY project and Lowe’s does an unbelievable job populating their boards with irresistible projects and inspiration. Take a look to see how they racked up 3.4 million followers!

whole foods pinterest profile

10. Whole Foods: Find a relevant trend that you can use to extend your brand.

Whole Foods has an edge in Pinterest popularity for being both food and health-focused. If your product involves healthy eating, you’ll find plenty of interested Pinners! Whole Foods could just have stuck to recipes, but they go the extra mile and include boards with party planning ideas and holiday decor to compliment their cooking tips.

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