5 Ways to Make Your Labor Day Marketing Festive and Effective

labor day marketing

Labor Day weekend is an opportunity to rake in sales, celebrate American customers, and engage in lots of social media activity with followers surrounding the festivities. It’s an ideal time to motivate customers through contests and exclusive sales to add to the celebration. Now is the time to begin crafting and executing your Labor Day marketing strategy to be effective in September.

labor day marketing

If you’re wondering how to maximize on this holiday or looking for a few fresh ideas for your Labor Day strategy, here are five tips to stimulate your creativity and get into action:

5 Labor Day marketing tips

#1 Host a Labor Day photo contest on Instagram

Boost follower engagement on Instagram by holding a photo contest and raffling off prizes to top-voted images. With all of the parades, festivals, BBQs, picnics and music events taking place during the weekend, it’s the perfect opportunity to gather some user-generated content by encouraging your customers and followers to upload photos of themselves enjoying the Labor Day festivities.

Keep the instructions to your contest simple and easy to follow. The theme should be connected to the holiday and participation easy by uploading pictures from their mobile device. Give them a specific brand-related hashtag to use that represents your business along with popular hashtags that will be used throughout the weekend like #LaborDay.

Make this strategy even more effective by having customers share images with your products (if applicable). This technique is killer because you can use these in your ecommerce email marketing or visual content strategy for future promotional pieces!

#2 Create a Labor Day email marketing campaign

Plan out your Labor Day marketing strategy now by creating 2-3 emails that builds awareness around your upcoming holiday event. Promoting it several times through your email marketing will help boost engagement and sales conversions.

Schedule the first email to deliver about 1-2 weeks before Labor Day, with the second arriving the day before the holiday as a reminder. You can even get away with sending a final email on the actual holiday since 80% of users read email on mobile devices and will still get the memo in time!

#3 Use creative Labor Day subject lines

Increase your open rates during the holiday weekend and the weeks leading up to by using these ideas and tips for your subject line:

  • “Make Labor Day Memories with {your product/service} at 30% off”
  • “Enjoy Your Labor Day Picnic. Here’s 20% off…”
  • “No Labor Day Plans? Join Us {at/for}…”
  • Avoid simply using “Labor Day Sale” as you will blend in with the other Labor Day sale inbox promotions; instead construct a creative, yet on-point subject line for your Labor Day campaign

#4 Design a family & friends sharing promotion

Extend a Friends & Family discount to your customers to maximize your Labor Day promotion. Create a “sharing button” where your subscribers and customers can easily pass the savings with the click of a mouse. Not only does this generates new sales for your business but gives you fresh leads to work with for future promotions and further nurturing!

Give your customers a chance to share their favorite brand (YOU!) to their networks with this promotional savings opportunity!

#5 Show your community some love

Consider being a sponsor for a local Labor Day event that your business can contribute towards or host your own BBQ picnic. This is a great way to express how much of a role your company plays within the community, express your gratitude, give back, and connect with fans face-to-face. Support your community and watch the rewards pay back big in the end. Enjoy!

Add festive visuals to your Labor Day marketing with these free stock images

Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. It also generates 94% more views for content than those without images. With that said, visuals are highly influential in your marketing.

Besides using user-generated images for your Labor Day marketing, here are a few other options to getting free stock images to complement your holiday strategy:

Which of these winning Labor Day marketing strategies will you implement this year?

We would love to hear from you…please share your plans and any other ideas we didn’t mention!

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