9 Columbus Day Email Subject Lines to Jumpstart Your Fall Marketing

Columbus Day Email Subject Lines

October 10th is Columbus Day. Like any other holiday, it’s the perfect opportunity to anchor your digital and email marketing to a specific date, increasing the relevance of your message and drawing increased audience interest. The perfect way to do just that is through Columbus Day email subject lines that are specifically created for the holiday. Here’s how you can do just that.

Columbus Day Email Subject Lines

9 Columbus Day Email Subject Lines to Jumpstart Your Fall Marketing

1. Save Like It’s 1492

Target had particular success with this Columbus Day email subject line. The twist on the popular party like it’s 1999 phrase and song resonated with audiences because of its relevance to the holiday and internal value proposition.

2. Discover New Worlds of Saving

Here, you can play on the item Columbus is most famous for: discovering America, which he termed the New World. Like the above example, this subject line connects the holiday with an appealing call to action and value proposition.

3. New World, New [Product]!

Similar to the above, this subject line celebrates the discovery of the new world. At the same time, it connects the holiday with your product or service, pushing audience members who may have been on the fence toward a first-time transaction with your brand.

4. Don’t Cross the Atlantic. Save Now!

Christopher Columbus is said to be the first European to ever cross the Atlantic ocean, which came with plenty of hardship before the big discovery. Through this Columbus Day email subject line, you can communicate that savings are a breeze compared to what Columbus went through.

5. Santa Maria, Check Out These Deals!

The Santa Maria was the largest of the three ships on which Columbus set sail to discover new worlds and trading routes. In this subject line, its name is also a play on an exclamation (‘holy mary’) that is popular in some cultures.

6. Here’s Why We’re Pioneers

This line works particularly well if your call to action is not to a direct e-commerce transaction, but educational content about your brand. Your brand likely has a specific niche on which it sells its audience. Take Columbus Day as an opportunity to market yourself as a pioneer, just as Columbus discovered new lands through being unafraid and daring.

7. Success Comes From Unexpected Places

When Christopher Columbus set out on his ships, his intention was not to discover America. Instead, he sought to find a new trade route to India that was less perilous than the long way around Africa. In that, he failed miserably, but his reward for trying was becoming the most famous explorer of all times. You can play on that message when introducing your brand to an audience that has not given your product or service a try yet.

8. Celebrate America this Columbus Day

A play on patriotism always works. Though he never actually set foot on North American soil, Christopher Columbus is widely known as the person who discovered America. What better way to express your love for the country and its people?

9. Columbus Day Sale: [Specific Sale and Discount]

Sometimes, it makes sense to keep it simple. Columbus Day is widely known as one of the biggest holidays for short-term sales around the United States, so simply pointing out exactly what readers of your email will get from clicking on the subject line could be enough to convince them to follow through.

How are you planning to take advantage of holidays this year? The above Columbus Day email subject lines can help you increase the relevance of your brand and maximize your email marketing success. To learn more about building an email strategy that successfully promotes and expands your brand, contact us.

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