5 Ways to Improve Your B2C Lead Generation

B2C lead generation

Increasingly, marketers and businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of B2C lead generation. If you can get interested consumers into your database, you can begin to target more specific messages to them via emails and list-based marketing.

Of course, to be successful in this endeavor, you need to know how you can get your b2c leads online. Here are 5 ways that will improve your efforts, ultimately enabling you to send more optimized ecommerce marketing emails to an audience of interested potential customers.

b2c lead generation

Optimize Your Website For Conversions

To reliably generate organic and high-quality contacts, your website needs to be optimized for B2C lead generation. This means building landing pages that include conversion forms, as well as guiding your visitors to these pages and forms through effective and compelling calls-to-action.

Optimizing your website for conversions will make a significant impact on your lead generation efforts. The more strategically you seek to turn your visitors into leads, the more likely they will follow through and enter your database. Tools, such as JustUno, can help you build a website that reliably generates leads for you.

Offer Visitors a Reason to Sign Up

If a member of your target audience visits your website, they have already expressed some level of interest. Now, it’s time to capitalize on this interest by offering them something of value that will make them glad to give you their contact information.

Offer them something of value that will make them glad to give you their contact information. Click To Tweet

For example, a sign-up page to an email newsletter list should specifically indicate what subscribers could get out of it. From coupons to loyalty discounts, always make sure your audience knows what they are get for giving you their information and agreeing to receive ecommerce marketing emails from you.

Catch Your Visitors Before They Leave

What if you could target pop-ups and other prompts at the exact point your visitors think they’ve learned everything there is to know about your brand? Services like Privy allow you to do just that, helping you catch visitors when they’re learned enough about you, potentially converting them into leads.

Add to Your Lead Generation Capabilities

Ideally, your B2C lead generation efforts should not rely exclusively on your website. Instead, you should aim to use all of your digital marketing tools as potential lead generators.

You should aim to use all of your digital marketing tools as potential lead generators. Click To Tweet

The most obvious tool is social media. Networks like Facebook and Twitter enable you to place ads that include sign-up forms, which entice your audience to convert without ever having to leave the network. By reducing friction, you will generate more contacts ready for email promotions.

Now, you may be worried that social media leads do not integrate seamlessly into your database. But before you begin to think about the time commitment of manual data entry, consider ConnectLeads. It enables you to dynamically transfer any lead you receive from Facebook directly into your subscriber lists, significantly enhancing your email marketing efforts.

Test and Optimize

Of course, no lead generation strategy is complete without an attempt to continuously improve your efforts. Testing is crucial; particularly ensuring that your website and social media efforts work reliably to bring leads into your system.

In addition, it makes sense to evaluate their quality. For example, you can tag leads from specific sources such as Facebook or a given landing page on your website, enabling you to monitor their performance in your email marketing campaigns. If a specific group of leads outperforms others in terms of opening and clicking links, it may be time to prioritize your efforts based on the source.

By following these five tips, you can create a reliable lead generation strategy that consistently brings in contacts and email subscribers. Then, it’s time to incorporate them into your email marketing strategy, which is where we come in. Contact us for any help regarding prioritizing and improving your B2C lead generation efforts.

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