Email Marketing Guidebook: Why You Still Need Email in 2016

benefits of email marketing in 2015

Benefits of email marketing in 2016

Welcome to the first post of a six part series where we will explain exactly why email marketing should be a top priority in your marketing plan, the specific benefits of email marketing over other forms of advertising, and a detailed walk through of the process of creating email marketing campaigns from start to finish.

Along the way we’ll be listing the best email marketing tools, tips and tricks of the trade to create killer campaigns that will help you stand out in the crowd. If you think creating an email campaign is complex and overwhelming, don’t worry! Bizzy has you covered. In this series we will break down all the steps of a great campaign from list building and content design, to timing, delivery and tracking of results.

2015 email marketing statistics

Here are some eye-opening statistics that prove email marketing should be at the top of your list in 2016 and beyond.

There is a growing list of options for getting your message out in today’s digital marketing landscape. But how important is a solid email marketing strategy?

Smart phones and tablets are already everywhere. Now smart watches are becoming more common, so it’s easier than ever for people to be constantly connected.

email statistic: customers check email 15 times a day

Email has become a necessity in most of our daily routines for both work and personal communications.  Research shows customers are addicted to checking their email. One study found that the average person checks email 15 times a day!

With 92% of US adults using email daily, it’s a channel to your audience that you can’t afford to neglect.

Email is less intrusive than phone contact and more personal than social media, so many consumers choose it as a convenient way to keep informed.  Over 90% of consumers get at least one marketing email per day. This means that customers are choosing to get marketing emails from businesses they trust and want to hear from. You should be one of them!

benefits of email marketing vs social media

Email marketing accounts for a much larger share of new business compared to social media.

The numbers tell us that email is far more effective than other marketing methods. Here are some examples that really highlight the benefits of email marketing:

  1. email marketing has a 3x higher conversion rateEmail marketing leads to more customers:
    For acquiring new customers, research found email marketing to be nearly 40 times as effective as Facebook & Twitter combined.
  2. Email marketing leads to higher higher profits:
    The same study found that, on average, order values are 17% higher via email leads than social media.
  3. Email marketing leads to more sales:
    Email-to-purchase conversion rates are at least 3x higher than social media.

Email marketing is the clear winner over social media in the battle for effectively gaining both new customers and sales.

How does email marketing stack up to text and banner ads?

According to email giant Constant Contact, the email industry as a whole reports an astonishing average click-through rate of about 6%. By comparison,  Googles display ads benchmark tool reveals only a 0.06% average click through rate across all ad formats.  If you are looking for more clicks, it may be time to shift some of your ad budget to email marketing!

email marketing roi statistics 2015

Saving and Making Money with Email Marketing: Return on Investment

Good news for companies on a budget: email marketing is cost effective.

A single email marketing campaign costs pennies, not hundreds or thousands of dollars. Just one additional purchase from each email marketing campaign will likely give you a positive return on your investment. Here are some great stats that highlight one of the biggest benefits of email marketing – higher ROI.

  1. 81% of US digital shoppers surveyed said they were at least somewhat likely to make additional purchases, either online or in a store, as a result of targeted emails.
  2. 66% of marketers rate email’s ability to deliver ROI as ‘excellent’ or ‘good,’ while only 35% feel the same way about social media marketing.
  3. Research found that companies sending under 100,000 emails per month see an average of 139% return on investment.

As a bonus, email marketing is an inexpensive way to test marketing content that you can then use for other, more expensive, marketing channels. Did a certain subject line give you an especially good open rate? Make that subject line into a billboard! Did a specific image give you an especially high click through rate? Print it on your brochure!

What’s the moral of the story? The benefits of email marketing are clear and you should be doing it! You may have some hesitations (wondering what to say in your email campaign?) Bizzy can help take the guess work out of email marketing and get you up and running fast. Check out the feature list here, or contact us for more information.

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