Justuno + Bizzy = Extraordinarily Flexible Email Conversion Machine!

Justuno and Bizzy

Email is the highest converting channel, beating out both search and social. Actively building your email list helps you convert a higher percentage of your website traffic and opens you up to more sales opportunities. In short, if you want to drive ecommerce sales, you need to build your email list with Justuno and invest in email marketing.

Justuno and Bizzy

Bizzy helps you expertly convert your email sign ups into sales — but we wanted to enhance our ability to help you grow your email lists. To deliver on that promise, we have a very exciting new partnership to announce. We have teamed up with the folks at Justuno, the #1 lead capture app on Shopify.

Justuno and Bizzy: Example Pop-up

Example Justuno pop-up.

What this means for Bizzy users

Now you have a LOT more options for ways to capture leads on your website and automagically send those leads to Bizzy tagged with a custom source! When growing your email list, it is crucial that you focus on engaging customers at pivotal moments in the purchase funnel. To make it simple, focus on these three moments to start:

  1. Upon entry
  2. Upon exit
  3. Cart / checkout pages

Customers almost never convert into a sale upon their first visit. But, actually converting that traffic is imperative in ecommerce marketing. Rad Power Bikes put an emphasis on converting more of their everyday traffic into email subscribers. Following the above tactics to engage customers throughout their purchase funnel, they experienced a 302% increase in daily email captures.

Justuno Configuration

Justuno’s robust segmentation capabilities.

New lead capture techniques

With Justuno, you can:

  • Collect emails in exchange for a download (e.g., case studies, freebie art files w/ your branding)
  • Gather emails for a contest
  • Display an Uno Bar at the top of specific pages (e.g., for sale or new product announcements)
  • Design different exit intent pop-ups for mobile and desktop devices

Justuno Options

Example Justuno pop-up campaign options.

The list goes on and on — these are just the features that we’ve heard you request from us!

Not a believer in pop-ups or discounts?

The data might convince you otherwise. SkinnyMe Tea implemented a 5% discount promotion through Justuno in which visitors could enter their email address and instantly receive a coupon code on-site. With this strategy, SkinnyMe Tea increased email opt ins by 758%! By offering a discount code on site, SkinnyMe Tea’s sales conversion rate increased a whole 1%. This may sound small, but if a site gets 100,000 monthly visitors, a 1% of converted traffic is 1,000 more sales (i.e., an additional $300K a year with a $25 average purchase price!).

We’ve automated everything to save you a lot of time

Justuno offers prefabricated pop-ups for all occasions, so consider checking them out to augment your upcoming holiday campaigns! We designed the integration setup process to take a matter of minutes (we know you’re busy!). Also, in addition to the default API form that we provide on Bizzy, with Justuno you now have access to a library of inspirational designs to choose from!

Bizzy Sources

Emailing customers sourced from Justuno within Bizzy Broadcasts.

Most importantly, you’re in good hands and good company

Justuno is different from other lead capture tools because you can reach a human when you need help! Erik (Justuno’s captain at the helm) and his all-star team provide the same attentive level of support that you’ve come to expect from Bizzy. Have questions about which lead capture methods will work best for your business? The Justuno staff is available to help you devise a plan. We are excited to work with Justuno, because like you (and us at Bizzy!), they’re a small business that understands the needs of entrepreneurs.

As always, please send us any feedback or feature requests and we’ll hop on building them for you ASAP! We are excited to see the customer experiences you create with Bizzy and Justuno to grow your email list!

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