Bizzy + Privy = The Easiest Way to Capture and Follow Up with Leads!

Justuno and Bizzy

In ecommerce, email is still the most effective marketing channel. But, email marketing is only effective if you are able to capture the emails of your potential customers. That’s where Privy comes in. Privy is the free, simple way to capture customer emails — whether it is via your website, social media, or point of sale.Bizzy + Privy

Until recently, Sumome was the biggest player in town for free exit-intent pop-ups — particularly on WordPress. However, Privy identified that ecommerce businesses have unique email collection needs. They have blasted onto the scene in the past few years offering cutting edge tools like pop-ups, banners, bars, embedded forms, customizable landing pages, and trade show apps.

Privy has a user-friendly drag-drop design interface, making it easy to get a pop-up designed and out the door — lightning fast.

Privy 1

What you can do with this integration NOW

It is now easier than ever to start capturing customers from all parts of your store and social media. Non-technical people or folks still learning about design, rejoice! Privy’s drag-drop interface is super simple — and their support team is standing by if you need help. They even offer an inspiration page to show you how other ecommerce businesses most effectively designed their campaigns.

With the Bizzy + Privy integration, emails now automatically get sent to Bizzy the moment they are collected by any of Privy’s email capture tools. Those emails will show up tagged with ‘Privy’ in the Bizzy source list. You can then use the ‘Privy’ source to send any kind of Broadcast out to your customers. Furthermore, as new customers get added to your list, they will automatically get sent to your Potential Customer series so that Bizzy can go to work trying to convert them to a sale right away!

Privy 2

Additionally, Privy offers both single and bulk discount code integrations with Shopify. This means that you can now encourage email list signups in return for access to an offer (e.g., a discount, white paper download, etc.). You can even set restrictions around geo-targeting, usage, and supply!

Future plans for the Bizzy + Privy integration

In the future, Privy is considering working on a way to send us the name of the campaign that each customer email was gathered from. That will enable Bizzy users to be able to customize their response messages for each individual Privy campaign. This would means, for example, that customers who signed up via a Privy pop-up could receive a different series of funnel messages than customers who signed up via a Privy social media form. Interested in seeing this built? Tell us!

Getting started

The best part — Privy and Bizzy are both free to try. If you’re new to pop-ups or aren’t happy with your existing pop-up system, there’s no risk seeing if this combination better suits your needs. Here’s how to get started!

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