Black Friday Subject Lines, Tips, and Free Stock Images

Black Friday Subject Lines

If you didn’t make as many sales as you hoped to last year on Black Friday, then this guide is for you. We will cover how to write effective Black Friday subject lines, offer helpful marketing tips, and provide you with resources to find free Black Friday stock images.

Black Friday Subject Lines

Black Friday subject lines that incite curiosity perform best

An Econsultancy study of 3,892 Black Friday ecommerce email marketing subject lines found that curiosity as a trigger performed best, whereas urgency had a negative effect. Yet, the majority of email subject lines from retailers took a direct and urgent approach. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should avoid urgency for your Black Friday promotions, but you’ll probably see more success with subject lines that spark curiosity. To know what works for your unique ecommerce business, test and analyze your subject lines.

Examples of urgency-based Black Friday subject lines from Econsultancy’s study:

  • Black Friday Sale: Save 20% + Free Delivery
  • Black Friday Special – Save $100
  • Half Price Black Friday Deals – Ends Sunday

Examples of subject lines that trigger curiosity from Econsultancy’s study:

  • How you can avoid stress on Black Friday
  • BLACK FRIDAY is here – want a little help with your Christmas shopping?
  • Tick tock, tick tock, the BLACK FRIDAY countdown begins…

Additional tips for your Black Friday marketing plan

Aside from writing effective subject lines for your Black Friday marketing emails, you should take hints from last year’s data, utilize social media, and retarget customers who abandoned their shopping carts. As you sit down to create a Black Friday marketing plan, analyze your data from last year to get ideas on how to improve. Re-implement strategies that worked, let go of those that didn’t, and brainstorm new ideas based on your previous successes and failures.

Although ecommerce email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods, don’t entirely neglect your social media accounts. Change your cover photo to a Black Friday-themed image that introduces visitors to your Black Friday deal. This is a less intrusive way of marketing your business on social media. When you DO make a social post about your Black Friday special, add relevant hashtags if it’s on Twitter or Instagram — and try to make it stand out from the crowd of promotional posts.

An area that small businesses forget to look at is abandoned shopping carts. You might think they’re a lost cause but that’s not always the case! With a retargeting campaign, you can salvage some of those abandoned shopping carts. For instance, you can send automated emails to customers who abandoned their shopping carts and offer your help or an additional discount like free shipping.

Free stock images you can use in your Black Friday campaign

Professional images are another component of an effective Black Friday campaign. If purchasing pictures isn’t within your budget, you can use free stock images. Even if you can afford buying the rights to photos, you may still choose to use free stock images. Some sites that provide free Black Friday pictures are Freepik, PublicDomainPictures, and FotoSearch. You can also create Black Friday images free with Canva and Buffer App’s image creation tool Pablo.

You should prepare for Black Friday weeks in advance, so that you have everything ready to go once Thanksgiving arrives. The holidays are stressful for business owners who wait until the last second to create marketing campaigns. To spend more time with your family, enjoying the holidays, and watching the sales roll in, buckle down and create a Black Friday marketing plan now.

Brainstorm a list of Black Friday subject lines for your emails and analyze last year’s performance. Also prepare a folder with free stock images that you can use in your Black Friday promotions. Preparation will make this year’s Black Friday your best yet.

Did you find this Black Friday guide helpful? Contact us for further assistance with creating a Black Friday campaign for your ecommerce business.

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