Boxing Day Email Subject Line Recommendations + Free Stock Images

Boxing Day Email Subject Line

It seems that Boxing Day comes around faster and faster every year, and once again, we’re only a few months away. As one of the most popular sale events after Christmas, it’s become a standard holiday in the U.K. for countless decades. With prominence in Canada as well, it’s an important day for any store’s marketing process. Even the U.S. has a similar day, despite not calling it Boxing Day.

No matter where you are in the world, taking advantage of these huge sale days to reach customers is essential, especially if you’re a retail business. The question is, how do you inform and attract your customers? That’s right: with the right subject line!

boxing day email subject line

Finding the perfect Boxing Day subject line recommendations and free stock images to use in your marketing emails doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Ultimately, subject lines help your audience decide whether to open your email, and furthermore, whether or not your sale is worth their effort.

Using stock images has viability as well – saving you time, money, and preventing legal entanglements.

Let’s look at how to properly use both.

More on Why You Need a Powerful Subject Line

Boxing Day has quickly become the busiest online retail days of the year over the last few years. Experian shows that the U.K. has been breaking records with Boxing Day online sales since 2012. In most cases, many of the related online searches use the word “sale” or “sales.”

This is a good starting point in creating a subject line to grab a customer’s attention. However, it’s also a risk because using the word “sale” is the most generic title anyone can dream up.

It doesn’t mean you can’t still use a variation on the “sale” word to stand out from the crowd. While it’s challenging to stand at the top amid thousands of other Boxing Day emails, adding some unique branding to your subject line attracts more attention and also look less spam-like.

Going Big With Your Boxing Day Sales

With so much competition, you’re better off providing a big discount during your Boxing Day sale. As such, you need to reflect this in your subject line, including putting the percent number first in the title using large or bold text.

You may have to use the words “Up to” before presenting the discount number, but don’t overemphasize this to create any misconceptions. “50% In Potential Savings” is a good way to put the number first since savvy shoppers look for that percentage first.

Someone Didn’t Get What They Wanted

One of the most popular trends for subject lines is simply mentioning the consumer likely didn’t get what they wanted for the holidays. Saying this with a touch of humor and your own branding grabs attention immediately.

By indicating a product in the title, you know what your targeted demographic might want (along with a discount offer), and you ultimately set off a psychological response known as ‘selfish shopping’.

An effective way to word your subject line is “Did You Receive (Product?) Here’s How You Can Get (Other Product) Instead.”

Finding Free Stock Images

Fortunately, you don’t have to look too far to find quality stock images to use in your Boxing Day emails. Websites like Shutterstock are very popular, despite requiring a subscription fee to use images without paying royalties.

What’s great about stock photography is that many sites continue to bring unique touches to each image. These photos aren’t overly generic and it gives you more choice in finding the right image for your own brand.

Creating a Boxing Day subject line might take a little more time to target your audience, however free stock imagery should seamlessly blend in with your title to create a stronger impact. Finding ways to make them integrate helps give your email a unique theme that lets you rise above other stores fighting for email attention.

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