Marketing Teardown: Chubbies and The Goldfish Principle

Chubbies' Marketing

Today we’re diving deep into what makes Chubbies‘ marketing so engaging and a few places where they can improve! Be prepared to laugh, Chubbies’ marketing team has one of the best writers in all of ecommerce. In this teardown, we’ll focus on how Chubbies could efficiently break up their email content to keep their audience consistently engaged throughout the week!

Bizzy’s Marketing Teardowns evaluate the marketing tactics used by the world’s greatest ecommerce businesses. In the slideshow below, we show you how to use the same email and lead generation marketing strategies for your ecommerce shop.

About Bizzy: Via data-driven marketing suggestions and a razor-sharp focus on clean mobile experiences, Bizzy helps ecommerce businesses reposition their email marketing strategy to drive more sales conversions.

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