The Core Reason You Constantly Need to Refresh Your Ad Creative

Refresh Your Ad Creative

Digital marketing could hypothetically be incredibly easy. Given the constantly increasing automation options, it’s tempting to set up an ad campaign or an automated email response and leave it alone while it generates traffic, leads, and customers for months. However, in reality, it’s not always simple. Audience preferences matter and are constantly changing, which is why it’s crucial to refresh your ad creative on a regular basis.

Refresh Your Ad Creative

Explaining Customer Fatigue

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers – you log into Facebook and see an ad for a company. Shortly after, you receive an automated email with the same image and text as the Facebook ad. Perhaps the first time, you’ll love the consistency that allows you to connect the two messages as coming from the same sender.

But what if, two months later, you log onto Facebook or check your email inbox, and the same creative pops up again? At this point, you get annoyed. The ad may be out of date, but more likely, you’ve simply seen enough of it to still be intrigued. You already know what’s coming, so why bother reading?

As the example illustrates, audience fatigue is a significant problem for marketers across industries. A psychological concept called inattentional blindness is to blame for this – causing us to pay attention elsewhere if we expect what’s coming. To ultimately avoid inattentional blindness amongst customers, businesses should be refreshing their ad creative on a regular basis.

The Importance of Refreshing During the Holidays

The problem of ad fatigue is magnified especially during the holidays. If you engage in ecommerce, chances are you probably increase your ad spending, and your emails are distributing to more recipients than any other time of the year. If you’re not careful, you overflow your audience with ads that fatigues them before they’re ready to make a buying decision.

During the holidays, your competition for audience attention will also increase. That means refreshing your ad creative can give you a crucial advantage to making sure that your audience continues to pay attention to the messages of your brand over other businesses.

Facebook’s Role in Refreshing Ad Creative

For many Facebook marketers, the problems of ad creative that is not updated on a regular basis is even more distinct: your message simply won’t be shown to your optimal audience anymore. The network openly acknowledges that if the same people begin to see your ads multiple times, the distribution of ads will slow to avoid audience fatigue. In Facebook’s own words:

Ads that are shown around 3 times or more tend to decline in performance, even if they were initially very successful. We recommend creating a new ad with a new image or text about once a week. Make sure to stop your previous ad before running the new one so that they don’t compete with each other.

So How Often Should You Refresh Your Ad Creative?

As you might imagine, the knowledge that you need to refresh your ad is only part of the equation. For maximum effectiveness, you also need to know how often your creative needs improvements in order to remain effective.

Facebook, as mentioned above, recommends changing the image or text of your ads about once a week. Especially for small businesses, that number may not be realistic. Therefore, we recommend refreshing your ad and email creative at least every 4-6 weeks for maximum effectiveness. Any less often, and the issue of fatigue becomes a real, tangible problem for your marketing efforts.

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Of course, you still need to work with experts to make sure that your ad creative, whether it be for your digital ads or your ecommerce email marketing efforts, are effective and successful. If you’re in need of crucial marketing assistance, contact us.

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