Cyber Monday Subject Lines That Work + Free Stock Images

Cyber Monday Subject Lines

One of the biggest mistakes ecommerce businesses make on Cyber Monday is reusing their Black Friday subject lines. Effective Cyber Monday subject lines are not necessarily headlines that performed well for Black Friday. The two shopping events are incredibly different, so it’s necessary to create unique campaigns for each one. We know it’s hard to develop new subject lines for two consecutive holidays, so we’re giving you Cyber Monday marketing tips and examples of excellent subject lines.

cyber monday subject lines

Cyber Monday Subject Lines That Work

  • “Bring JOY to a Child Battling Cancer”
    This subject line works for Cyber Monday because it stands out among all of the “20% Off Everything! 1 Day Only” emails that bombard inboxes on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Another key difference is it encourages helping others rather than saving yourself money. Ecommerce email marketing doesn’t always have to be about deals; you can find a unique approach to attract customers. In the email, Sevenly showcased their “Never Give Up” t-shirts that customers could buy to help children suffering from cancer.
  • “Cyber Monday Savings! Free Shipping PLUS Up to 25% Off”
    Although this is on the generic side, it works because customers love free shipping. Not only do they get 25% off on their purchases, but free shipping too! Few, if any, retailers advertise free shipping in their Cyber Monday emails.

Additional examples of Cyber Monday subject lines that have worked for other businesses:

  • Happy Monday! 30% OFF Final Hours
  • Insert Christmas pun here
  • Yep, another sale email
  • What’s on sale? Anything & everything.
  • Cyber Monday | Only 4 Hours Left!
  • Cyber Monday: Last Chance on Free Ultra Thin Air Lenses With Any Purchase
  • $12 tees + Free shipping. A/S/L? Let’s Cyber!
  • Ray-Ban, Burberry, & up to 80% off dresses. Oh yes we did.

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips for Cyber Monday

First and foremost, don’t reuse your Black Friday email marketing templates. Many businesses make the mistake of simply replacing the word Black Friday with Cyber Monday in their templates and subject lines. You should create a unique design, email, and subject line for your Cyber Monday marketing campaign. It shows your subscribers that you care and gives them something new to consider.

In addition, don’t rely on your discounts to sell the email. Although some of your subscribers are already in the habit of reading your emails when there is a “% off” discount headline, those who don’t will not have as much of a desire to click. It’s okay to send the generic “% off” email, but include a more unique headline and in your Cyber Monday email marketing campaign.

Last but not least, remember to use symbols in your email subject lines. Symbols like Christmas trees and snowmen can spice up an email subject line for Cyber Monday and attract more customers to open the email. However, try to avoid using icons that aren’t relevant; and don’t send too many emails in a row that have symbols in the subject line or it will decrease the effectiveness of this tactic.

Free Cyber Monday Stock Images

Having good subject lines isn’t the only important factor in your ecommerce email marketing campaign; the design of the email also ultimately influences clickthroughs. Photos are a simple way to increase engagement rates, so here are a few sites you can find free Cyber Monday stock images to use in your campaigns:

Be expansive in your searches on these sites to find great images for your Cyber Monday campaign rather than just typing “Cyber Monday”. Examples of terms to search include gift, ribbon, discount, Internet, cyber, and tech.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, consider creating your own images with Canva’s free Cyber Monday templates. It’s quick and easy to use, and the pictures look professional.

To have a successful Cyber Monday with your ecommerce email marketing campaign, you must create good subject lines, find a way to stand out among the crowd, and use high quality images. Gain inspiration from looking at Cyber Monday subject lines that work, and write a list of all your ideas. Narrow it down to the best and observe your results for 2016’s Cyber Monday.

What are your favorite Cyber Monday subject lines that work, and are you using them in your own campaigns? Contact us for additional guidance in making Cyber Monday a success for your ecommerce store.

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