Top 5 Ways to Survive and Thrive in the Ecommerce Holiday Rush

Ecommerce Holiday Rush

The coming months will not only bring ecommerce businesses significant opportunities, but also immense stress. Particularly for ecommerce merchants, increased sales opportunities go hand in hand with ensuring that everything is set up correctly for customers to get what they need, and quickly. If you’re looking to survive and thrive in the upcoming ecommerce holiday rush, and maximize your success, consider these 5 tips.

ecommerce holiday rush

1. Plan Your Campaigns Early

The earlier you plan, the more prepared you’ll be to survive the ecommerce holiday rush. Once the holidays start, you will already need to have the right visuals and messaging in place to engage your audience. Developing anything from search and social campaigns to ecommerce email marketing can help set you apart from your competition, who may just begin to start thinking about the holidays as they get closer.

During this time, you should also set up your exact goals for the holiday season. Are you looking for increased awareness or a certain sales threshold? The more specifically your goals are, the more easily you will be able to track your success and adjust as necessary. Plan now to earn your rewards later.

2. Test The Buying Process

Part of your planning process should include testing out every aspect of the process your audience will undertake as they shop for the holidays. Does your homepage communicate your value proposition? Do your product pages accurately represent your current offers? Are your prices updates, do your promotions work, and are the shipping timeline and costs clarified? If you find any stumbling blocks, now is the time to adjust them before they become problems during the ecommerce holiday rush.

3. Anticipate Increased Sales Volumes

It’s the reason we’re even writing this post: surviving the holiday rush is crucial because of the potentially overwhelming sales load. That’s a good problem to have, but you still need to anticipate it in order to continue providing fast and efficient customer service.

For your business, that means planning with the volume you’re expecting. Make sure you have all product, packaging, and shipping materials available, and that one of your employees is always able to answer questions as they occur. You may even want to consider adding a live chat for the season to increase your responsiveness.

4. Anticipate Cart Abandonment

It’s an unfortunate reality for any ecommerce website: the majority of your customers will leave items in their shopping cart without checking out. During the holidays, that rate tends to rise as consumers shop for Christmas gifts on multiple outlets.

Your best bet to survive the ecommerce holiday rush is to anticipate it and make strategic decisions accordingly. For example, consider implementing ecommerce marketing emails that follow up with visitors who never checked out to remind them that the items are waiting for them, and offer expedited shipping.

5. Reward Your Customers

Above anything else, the holidays are the season for giving. So why not give back? Consider implementing rewards programs for current customers that shows your appreciation for them. These gifts may come in the form of promotional giveaways or coupons.

The Key to Surviving the Ecommerce Holiday Rush

Ultimately, thriving during the holiday shopping season comes down to one key element: preparation. Without it, you risk being overwhelmed with sales volume and customer feedback; but with it, you can make sure that the ecommerce holiday rush is a positive season for your business that drives its revenue forward.

Are you looking to increase your sales volume this winter? If so, now is the time to start preparing. If you need help in any aspect of that preparation, from planning your marketing and sales strategy to implementing a cart abandonment strategy, contact us.

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