Writer’s Block? What to Say in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

bizzy tells you what to say in email marketing

Meet Bizzy: an ecommerce email marketing web app that helps independent online businesses send expertly timed and targeted campaigns.

What does Bizzy do to help with email marketing campaigns?

Bizzy keeps track of your customers and understands their buying patterns, as well as your personal business and industry patterns. That information is used to create unique email marketing campaigns sent at the perfect time to get each customer to return to your business more often.

Strategically timed reminders, announcements or gifts sent by Bizzy keep customers engaged between visits and thinking of your business. Because Bizzy sends messages based on tailored information, the messages have a more personal touch that will help you stand out in the crowd.

On average Bizzy sends 95% fewer marketing emails than traditional lists. This is better for customers because they are getting targeted messages that pertain to them, and it’s better for businesses because customers are much less likely to unsubscribe from your email marketing campaigns.

Who is Bizzy for?

Bizzy is great for any online business owner who wants to keep customers coming back without the expense of a marketing department with simple and effective ecommerce email marketing. Small business owners are often short on time and have fewer employees to help with the administrative tasks involved in effective marketing. Let Bizzy help you compete!

When can I use Bizzy?

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