6 Email Subject Lines to Say Thank You to Your Customers

Say thank you to your customers

Sometimes, you just have to say thank you to your customers. Whether your web visitors signed up to ultimately become leads, or you’re welcoming new customers after their first online purchase on your website – saying thank you in your email subject line is important to maintain a productive relationship.

As the volume of ecommerce marketing emails you send increases, maintaining variety in your subject lines becomes more difficult. To help you out and keep your messages interesting here are some subject line examples to thank your shoppers.

say thank you to your customers

6 email subject lines examples to say thank you to your customers

1) Thanks for Your Purchase!

Pretty straightforward: a customer bought a product from your website, so of course, they deserve a thank you. The reason it works is obvious: rather than simply confirming a purchase, you are acknowledging that the customer has done you a favor by buying your product. It’s a timeless classic, but only works if it’s not the only email thank you subject line you use.

2) You’re the Best

The general sentiment is similar to the generic “thank you”, but with a twist: now, you’re increasing the satisfying feeling your audience has about making the purchase. You’re not only expressing your gratitude, but also inducing positive emotions that will likely lead to more purchases in the future. All decision-making is ultimately emotional, which means that the more positive emotions your subject lines can provoke, the better for your future sales.

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3) We Appreciate You

This email subject works especially well if you’re not expressing thanks for a specific purchase, but sending an email out to your current customers. It lets them know that you haven’t forgotten about them after they gave you their money; which in turn, makes them more likely to return once they have a need for one of your products again.

4) Let Us Return the Favor

Do you have loyalty program or customer-exclusive discounts? Let your audience know as early as your subject line. Phrase it as a token of appreciation for their loyalty and past purchases – you might be surprised how many customers will use it as an opportunity to come back and shop more.

5) How Was Your Experience?

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Whether they had a positive or negative experience buying your products, your customers probably can’t wait to tell someone about it. Giving them that opportunity makes them feel like you care about their opinion, which effectively replaces a simple thank you message.

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There is just one caveat though: you need to follow through on your promises. If you tell your customers that their opinion matters, your actions need to show them that their voice will be heard if they complain.

6) Your Journey is Just Beginning

A customer who buys your product online is not just the culmination of your marketing efforts. The same customer is also an invaluable opportunity to create a loyal brand follower, which is ultimately where your business will gain most of its revenue.

How do you get from a one-time customer to a brand loyalist? Keep them engaged after the purchase. Follow up not just with a simple thanks, but with next steps on your loyalty program – offering products related to their purchase and other benefits. The more value you can offer them post-purchase, and the more easily you can communicate that value in your subject line, the better.

Saying thank you to your customers in the email subject line is not only expected, but it can also be a major boost to your ecommerce email marketing efforts. One study found that thank you emails achieve open rates of 42% and click-through rates of 18%, both far above marketing email averages. To learn more about optimizing your email efforts to maximize your e-commerce success, contact us.

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