Funniest Email Images in Ecommerce: Sites That Do Humor Right

Funniest Email Images

In the world of sending email messages for ecommerce, a notable image will either make it or break it when it comes to bringing more popularity to your campaign. Even though they have had their share of buttoned-down approaches over the years, many companies finally understand how humor changes perceptions.

It’s certainly not easy to create funny text in email marketing, and it’s typically more challenging to do it through an email image; however, you’ll find some great examples out there on how to do it right.

For your own company, perhaps you’re trying to find a more comedic angle to your own email marketing images. You’re likely tired of using standard stock photography that everyone else uses and want to exude more personality. If so, you still need to approach comedy carefully in your email imagery. Humor can sometimes confuse people if you don’t keep the image message on point with the rest of the content.

Here are some of the funniest email images in ecommerce to give you an idea of how to approach a funny image in your next email campaign.

funniest email images


Storq is an ecommerce site selling fashionable clothing to expectant mothers. It’s a theme that you’d expect to be overly serious when sending marketing emails. Fortunately, they mix it up and add some humor in many of their emails to prove pregnancy doesn’t always have to be serious.

The site also does something brave: adding some humor to controversial subjects related to giving birth. One example from their email campaign was titled “Things We’d Rather Talk About Than Embryo Adoption.”

At the bottom of this email, they displayed other related imagery that attempts to break the ice on a serious theme. Storq went from serious to funny in a matter of a few images by showing a Mother’s Day theme, an on-demand beauty app, an article about baby toys, and ending with a video titled “We Break for Balancing Goats.”

Since Storq only sells a few products, it’s a fun way to maintain the readers attention with something different in each newsletter. Plus, it’s proof you can combine a little comedy with serious themes.


Through Shinesty, you get a little more wild comedic personality, only because it’s so easy to do with their products. However, selling novelty clothing to men and women could potentially inspire overly typical model photography without the humor.

They already set the comedic bar with their email invitation on their home page: “Emails suck. Ours don’t.” The imagery Shinesty uses in their emails is quite hilarious and shows hapless male models wearing unique suits and undergarments.

Emails suck. Ours don't. -Shinesty Click To Tweet

Thanks to the wide variety of themes they use in their clothing, Shinesty’s imagery has endless comedic ideas; including two models throwing fists at one another in front of the Washington Monument for Shinesty’s political clothing collection.

Chubbies Shorts

For Chubbies Shorts, you have yet another clothing ecommerce store that uses models in their product photography. Despite not being quite as irreverent as Shinesty’s, they give a humorous edge to their model imagery as well.

Chubbies Shorts’ email imagery is a bit more tongue-in-cheek, though still a polar opposite from the overly serious models you see in other clothing companies. The store kicks this off with a funny suggestion about signing up for their emails: “Your inbox deserves better.”

Your inbox deserves better. -Chubbies Shorts Click To Tweet

Typical images they use include funny blue steel shots of models wearing their shorts, or models running on the beach carrying a giant flag and a beer can. It’s a clever way to showcase American pride while not taking clothing imagery overly seriously.

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