7 Funny Marketing Ideas We Got From Holiday Emails This Season

Funny Marketing Ideas

You know that moment when you open a marketing email and it’s actually great? Especially during the holidays, it’s a pretty exciting feeling. Not just for you, but also for the brand that probably just took another step towards their creative message going viral. If you are looking for funny marketing ideas to jump start your holiday strategy and increase your brand reach, here are 7 of our favorite holiday email examples.

funny marketing ideas

Hinge – An Ode to the Holiday Office Party

Read this poetic take on the classic Night Before Christmas, and you will inevitably burst out laughing. Sent with impeccable timing, a funny marketing idea turned into a major promotion for the dating app.

JetBlue – How to be a Thankful Traveler

Looking for inspiration to take advantage of Thanksgiving? Look no further than this email by JetBlue. Full of terrible puns, it offered the perfect preparation to any family party that needs to be lightened up with some humor.

Zazzle – Haha Holidays

Yep, ecommerce merchants can have funny marketing ideas too. To wit, check out Zazzle’s email full of joke and holiday-themed gifts for your family and friends. The email, of course, had an entire structure behind it that enabled recipients to easily find the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Chubbies – The Black Friday Food Coma Stocking Stuffer

It’s Schworts. Don’t know what that is? Consider how full a good Thanksgiving turkey can make your stomach, and then imagine having to fit pants over it. What do you do? Shorts merchants Chubbies had the perfect (and predictably hilarious) solution for you in their email.

Boloco – Naughty or Nice

A unique promotion, wrapped up in clever email messaging around a classic Christmas theme. Boston restaurant, Boloco, allowed its customers to get an extra $5 for every $25 they spent through their card, which they could either keep themselves (naughty) or give to their friends (nice).

AddThis – 10 Engagement Tips to Gobble Over Thanksgiving

Yes, it’s a terrible pun. And yes, it works perfectly. The email was aimed towards marketers looking to increase the quality of their content. What better way to attract the people who spend their days trying to be clever than using language that’s intentionally terrible? That’s what the content clipping service AddThis accomplished.

Anything Referencing Christma-Hanu-Kwanza-Kah

We’ve seen quite a few of them recently, and absolutely love them. The holidays are not a time to offend other religions, but a time to get together to love and respect. What better way to do that than through mentioning the festivities of every major religion in a single word? At the very least, it will get your audience frantically searching for what all of those abbreviations actually stand for.

The Role of Funny Marketing Emails in Viral Marketing

Of course, these examples are only a few of the many creative ways in which ecommerce email marketers look to set themselves apart from their competition. But funny marketing ideas are more than just quaint; in fact, they can play a vital role in spreading the word about your brand.

Viral marketing is no longer associated solely with email, so it’s easy to forget that the concept started here. You might remember some of the chain emails that used to be passed around your family and co-workers, and the same concept still applies.

If you can design and write an ecommerce marketing email that actually gets your audience to read and appreciate it, you will reach more than just your original recipients. Instead, they will share it with their contact list, ensuring that your message goes through inboxes.

To learn more about designing emails that accomplish that goal, contact us.

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