How To Segment Your Marketing: 3 Simple Methods In Ecommerce Email

How to segment your business marketing

Segmenting your email list into a set of targeted sub-lists is the most productive action you can do within your ecommerce email marketing automation strategy. In fact, a segmentation strategy is so fundamental to the big picture of your business marketing; but the question is, how do you segment yours?

The answer is simple: focus your strategy on ecommerce email marketing automation. Segmenting your market is the process of locating the concentrations of customers. In fact, you can use whatever characteristics to identify your customers and choose whom you want to deliver your ecommerce email marketing message.

how to segment your marketing

Measure your marketing and continuously improve it

There are many different audiences that you could pursue, but unless you find the group that wants your goods or services, you’re wasting resources by blindly pursuing people who have no interest in your offerings. Strategic thinking requires that you find the target before you take the shot.

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Luckily, segmentation is an area of marketing that you can easily document. The simple process of setting a trigger and recording the events as they happen is how your email marketing communicates the image of the market. The ability to track engagement and to analyze the results will tell you where to concentrate your efforts.

Divide up your segments for ecommerce email marketing automation

Segmenting a market is more than just filtering by audience type; segment your audience by the responses they give to the content that you present to them. Email marketing is the perfect tool to refine and precisely create segments to which you can target your campaigns.

Traditionally, you can dissect your market to at least four broad categories: geography, demography, interests, and behavior. Email marketing is the heart of ecommerce companies because the battle to get the right eyes looking at your offerings has never been more intense than it is today.

Using email marketing for smart market segmentation

Once you bring audience members into the system, the interactions you track as they engage with your content gives you all of the queues you need to assign them to specific segments within your campaign.

The simple act of engaging with an email newsletter or note is an indicator of interest in the topic that’s being discussed. The power of email marketing is the ability to track responses, even if they are simple link-clicks. By controlling the choice of links and the content that goes with them, you learn a lot about your audience and which consumers to pursue even further.

Ecommerce email marketing automation also gives you the ability to collect and analyze data about the habits of your audience, as well as the ability to respond in real-time, ultimately removing the need to manage it actively. Managers and entrepreneurs can take advantage of automation by studying analytics at a higher level, and by making critical and creative decisions to solve problems and form new initiatives.

Targeting emails dramatically increases revenue

The impact of segmenting your ecommerce email marketing lists will bring the image of your customers into focus, and your marketing expenditures will produce maximum returns on your investment. Of course, some other issues require careful attention to ensure that the listening audience ultimately converts into paying customers.

Targeting your emails generates a higher return on investment by delivering as much as eighteen times more revenue than just broadcasting to non-segmented lists. That is top line revenue, but the ROI follows on directly from that; showing that you cannot afford not to segment.

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