Use Emojis in Your Emails to Connect With Customers

Use Emojis in Your Emails

As technology integration becomes the forefront for many businesses, they need to be able to adapt to the mobile era. While laptops are still popular, screens are getting smaller and a business needs to be able to pack as much information in an email as they can. With the ever popular Apple or Samsung watch, multiple paragraphs just aren’t going to cut it. Emojis are a great way to express emotion as quickly and in as little space as possible. Read on for tips and tricks on how best to use emojis in your emails!

Emojis are a step above the clever emoticons made from parenthesis and colons. Emojis are now colorful and easily resemble emotions of any kind. There are even some emojis that express emotions we didn’t even know could be captured. While emojis are fun and expressive and can lighten anyone’s mood, there are a few things that make us want to use the sad face emoji.

Unfortunately, not every one of your clients has the same device. While it’s safe to say that Apple and Samsung are the frontrunners for technology, even they don’t share the same system. This means that one emoji on an iPhone will look completely different on an Android, or vice-versa. It’s also possible that a desktop computer might not register any emojis at all. Have you ever seen squares after a message?

It’s completely disheartening to know that you’ve practically written a story with your emojis and the receiver didn’t get half of it. In order to avoid this, read ahead for some tips about how to use emojis in subject lines to reach as many people as you can.

All Emojis Are Not Created Equal

While not all emojis may look the same on every device, it’s safe to say that emails all have their basic subject lines. Even though you can insert any emoji you want on the subject line, it doesn’t mean that everyone will see it. This little square that your customers may see is known as a “content editable element”, which is technology speak for “we don’t have a sign for this”. The best way to think of this is how something can get lost in translation.

Other times, you’ll input an emoji and your receiver will see an emoji but it won’t be the exact one that you put. When the server doesn’t have the exact emoji, it’s possible that it has something similar but it won’t be what you see. It’s known as an image tag. More websites like Twitter and Facebook are beginning to integrate their own types of emojis, even if it’s a black and white character. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Take Caution!

Even though emoji support can be inconsistent across devices, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them in your subject lines. Emojis catch attention and can take a simple email from being ignored to being opened!

Think about your audience and the devices they use. Don’t be afraid to think about what they are more inclined to use. When you take a look at your email list, start with your top clients. Are they iPhone users or are they loyal to Android? This will be helpful in deciding which emojis to start with. If you know that your customers are reading your emails on their mobile devices, there’s great support for mobile integration.


When writing a subject email line that may include a few emojis, there’s no harm in doing a couple of test emails. For instance, if you know that your subscribers are inclined to read your content on a computer, try reading one of your emails on your own laptop. Do you see the emojis you intended to send or are you seeing black and white boxes?

For those who want to reach as many people as possible, consider reading an email on both an iPhone and an Android. How different are they emojis? Will your customers get the idea you’re trying to present regardless of what you send? Try sending popular or typical emojis at first and begin to branch out while you learn what’s best.

Using Emojis with Bizzy

Now, you can add emojis in to Bizzy subjects, headlines, and additional text sections! Browse through free emojis here. For our Warriors fans, you can even check out Stephen Curry‘s personal line for added flair. We’re excited to see what you make!

We love emojis and we’re all for using them. Try a few and have fun with your emails! For more information on how to color your emails with emojis, or to just ask a question, contact us today.

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