Metrics that Matter: What is a Good Click Through Rate for Email Marketing?

Email remains one of the most effective digital marketing methods available. But especially for novice marketers, measurability plays a large part in its success. You can measure conversions, open rates, and click through rates, but which matter most? And how do you determine a good click through rate for email marketing? The are the questions you will be able to answer by the end of the post.

What is a Good Click Through Rate for Email Marketing

Email marketing metrics in order of priority

Depending on the software you use, you can learn a great deal about your emails and their recipients. But ultimately, the most successful email indicators come down to 3 metrics. Here they are, in order of importance:

  1. Conversions. The more paying customers or leads you receive as a result of your emails, the better. Conversions cannot always be tied to a single email – but usually are a product of multiple emails and interactions with your site, culminating in one email that converts a customer.
  2. Open rates. This one is straightforward: the more people open your emails, the better for you to get your message out. Open rates are an indication of how compelling your subject lines are. They are also underreported, as they depend on an image pixel that some email clients may block.
  3. Click through rates. This metric is an indication of the content and value proposition of your email itself. Only interested readers will actually click on a link within for more information. Your recipients will visit your site an average of 7 times before making a purchase, so multiple emails with good click through rates are crucial.

Understanding what makes a good click through rate for email marketing

At this point, you know the various metrics you can use to determine the success of your emails. Now, you need to know how to benchmark your data to determine what makes a good click through rate for emails.

A number of credible sources offer slightly differing insights based on sample size, but all of them agree: a click-through rate between 2% and 5% makes your email successful. Benchmarking CTRs by industry, MailChimp found that real estate emails get an average rate of 19.4%, while emails from the pharmaceutical industry receive 2.57%. Click here for a comprehensive list and to find your industry average.

Improving your efforts for maximum success

Of course, even a full understanding of a good click through rate for email marketing does not equal success if you don’t know how to improve it. If, for example, your clicks hover around 1%, you may not know how to get it to and above the average click through rates for your industry.

Click through rates can be poor because of one of two reasons:

  • Content issue: Your email content is not compelling enough. Simply put, your audience needs to be motivated by the content within your email to want to learn more and visit your website. If your content fails to accomplish that, your click through late will be low.
  • Call to action issue: Your emails lack a clear call to action. If your audience doesn’t have a natural place to click, they will be less likely to follow your prompt.

In both cases, the key to better click through rates is twofold: time and testing. Due to small sample size, a low click-through rat in a single email may be an outlier. Only if you see the same results over the course of multiple emails can you get a better idea of their success.

To improve lagging emails, A/B testing can be a powerful tool. Adjusting your calls to action or specific parts within your content can help improve your emails over time.

And of course, even great email click-through rates will only matter if they lead to conversions. Getting your audience to click at all costs, even if the content following that click does not hold its promise, will ultimately make no difference in your business success. To connect email click-throughs to conversions, and to build emails with a click-through rate you can be proud of, contact us.

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