Need a Catchy Subject Line for Your Email? 10 Cool Ideas You Can Use

Catchy Subject Line for Email

Your audience will judge an email by its subject line. It’s the first impression of your email content so it’s essential that it stands out, entices and piques the interest of your subscribers to elicit the open. You see, consumers are inundated with promotional email messages that regularly gets sent to the trash without ever being opened. Don’t let that be your email! Using a catchy subject line for email content will play a huge role to getting your emails opened, read and converted.

One way to quickly gauge the effectiveness of your subject line is to ask yourself:

“Would I actually click on this subject line if it landed in my inbox?”

Does it intrigue you enough to open the message to find out the details? Truthfully answering these questions can serve as a guide to creating better email subject lines.

There are many ways to improve the success of your email open rates through killer subject headliners. We’ve compiled ten for you to provide a great start to work with. Switch it up based on your buyer personas and personal style, and get ready to experience a growth in your open percentages!

catchy subject line for email

A Catchy Subject Line for Your Email — Easy with These 10 Picks

#1 “10 Beautiful Ways to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Using a number that stands out (10) and a compelling adjective (beautiful) to hook the audience is an effective strategy to increasing your open rates. In fact, people love numbered lists and human curiosity always spikes when numerals are involved. This tends to be why top 10 lists are so successful – lists are easier for our brains to process while providing the promise of a quick and easy read.

#2 “Thank You!”

People love recognition and acknowledgement of what they’ve done. Expressing your appreciation works well in subject lines and helps foster relationships with your list.

#3 “Hi [name], [question]?”

Asking a question is another catchy subject line for email messages. Questions tend to provoke answers…emails with question subject lines provoke opens and replies. Boost reader engagement by asking a question that gets them interested in your topic.

#4 ? ? ? ?

Characters and emojis are a good way to inject a bit of personality, connect with your customers, and really help cut down subject line length. Still relatively fresh for ecommerce email marketing, if you’re hesitant about using emojis and how they will be received, test them with a very small segment of your email list, perhaps 10 percent. If you experience positive results from that, you can expand further.

#5 “I found you through [referral name]”

Mentioning mutual relationships in your subject line can be a powerful strategy. Actually, this subject line garnered a whopping 86.6% open rate according to LeadGenius. Use it to your advantage!

#6 “Our next steps”

Using this subject line is best for follow-up emails after a first connection or to re-engage unresponsive leads.

#7 “I’m pulling the plug…”

This subject line uses negative language to great effect. What exactly does “pulling the plug” mean for your leads? Is this bad news? Only by clicking through can your subscribers find out!

#8 “Still doing it the old way?”

You’ve built up curiosity, making your recipients wonder if there is indeed a better, improved way of doing something using this subject line. Piquing the interest of your reader is always a great strategy to increasing responsiveness.

#9 “How to ____”

Many of the factors that make up a good blog post title also make a catchy subject line for email content. How-tos are proven content ideas that engages your audiences and positions your brand as an expert. Share your blog content with your list using the “How-to” title as your subject line!

#10 “Did you get what you were looking for?”

This is another follow up tactic for an inbound lead or a website visitor. They’re clearly looking for help with a challenge — ask how you can be of service.

There you have it…ten catchy subject lines for email content that will increase your open rates and build engagement. Which ones do you plan to use for your next email message? Are there any others that we haven’t mentioned? We welcome your thoughts and comments below!

For more ways on how to improve your ecommerce email marketing plan that increases conversions and builds relationships with your list, contact us now for a scheduled consultation. We are serious about your business growth and are here to help!

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