The Ultimate New Product Launch Marketing Checklist

New Product Launch Marketing Checklist

Launching something new? Whether you’re releasing a product or service, this new product launch marketing checklist will serve as your go-to guide to ensure you’re successfully promoting your next big thing!

There are several key elements that go into a winning product launch. you invested the time to create and put it together, now it’s time to promote it effectively so it reaches your intended audience and generates desired outcomes. We’ve compiled a foolproof, simple checklist to optimize your product launch results.

Whether you’re releasing a product or service, chances are you’ve invested the time and effort to create and put together this masterpiece. The next step is to promote it effectively for it to reach your intended audience and generate your desired outcomes. We’ve compiled a foolproof, simple checklist to optimize your winning product launch results.


7-Step New Product Launch Marketing Checklist

#1 Customer development

The first step to a successful product launch is speaking with customers and properly researching to ensure your new product meets the needs of the market. As Neil Patel says:

“The sooner you learn about your customers, the faster you’ll be able to pivot and serve them better.”

Actively talking and engaging with your customers allows you to know firsthand their problems and concerns. To fully understand the pain they’re experiencing and how your brand can be their solution, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Tell me more about that…
  • Can you be a bit more specific? Please share an example.
  • How long has that been a problem?
  • What have you tried to do about that? Did that work?
  • Have you given up trying to deal with the problem?

Responses to these inquiries will allow you to go deeper and uncover the underlying reasons for your prospect’s problems. You now can curtail your product or service, and develop marketing strategies based on your customers needs.

#2 Create your positioning & messaging

Now it’s time to convert the information you gained from customer development research into something specific and actionable. To create your positioning and messaging, simply think about who your product is for, what it does, and why it’s different. Then put this in a statement that brings it together.

Don’t just think about what your product does, but also what are those “super powers” that are released when customers buy your product. Strictly sharing the features doesn’t reveal the true benefits behind it.

#3 Share your positioning & messaging with key team members

With your positioning set, everyone at the company needs to know it and be on one accord. It’s important that your team buys into the new products so they can exude the same zeal and enthusiasm when engaging with customers.

If your employees are not excited about it, neither will your customers. Therefore, spend time with your team during the pre-launch. The more internal employees that are invested and eager about your launch, the more resources you’ll be able to leverage to succeed.

#4 Build a list of all possible launch activities

The next step on your new product launch marketing checklist is to actually create your launch plan. Every great launch requires a great plan. The best practice to creating this plan is to begin with your goal and work backwards.

Every great launch requires a great plan. Click To Tweet

Once you’ve set a clear goal, make a list of the marketing activity your brand can execute to create massive exposure. Don’t leave anything off the table. Think bigger than creating blog posts and sending emails.

Consider marketing activities like posting on sites, such as Reddit and, or using SumoMe to do a homepage takeover to build your list. Alternatively, you can give VIP customers early access if they promote your launch on their social media channels.

The beauty about having this list is that gives you endless possibilities of ways to market your new product. You want to be as ready as possible for a successful product launch. Once you’ve listed every possible angle, choose to execute. 2-3 strategies for each marketing channel.

#5 Create launch product content

Launch content ranges from sales materials, landing pages, website updates, product screenshots, and social media posts – these are your key assets for the launch.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you need creative or web design resources, be sure the deadlines are factored into your launch schedule
  • Don’t forget about tracking and how you’ll gather marketing analytics
  • Start cultivating your market with content, preparing them for what you’re going to launch. The more your audience hears about your next big thing, the more receptive (and excited) they’ll be when it releases
  • It’s never too early to begin building your list for the launch. Use ecommerce email marketing tactics to grow a robust subscriber base for launch day

#6 Prepare the entire team

Prior to launch, make sure that all key team members are prepped and ready to launch! Email is a great channel to reinforce messages, but if it’s a big launch, plan to meet face-to-face to ensure everyone is on the same page. Ideally, this can tie up any loose ends, answer remaining questions, and build excitement for the big day!

#7 Launch

It’s go time! Using this new product launch marketing checklist has equipped you and your team for a successful launch. You’ve also set a new standard for your brand, increasing the bar by fully engaging with your customers, discovering their problems, delivering a product that offers a solution, and preparing your team for customer success.

Are you planning to launch a new product soon? Which steps gave you an “aha moment” to implement for your new launch? Please share in the comments below.

Incorporating ecommerce email marketing practices is one of the best strategies towards a successful new product launch. Reach out to us here and let us show you how to uniquely implement it into your launch efforts.

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