New Years Subject Lines and Free Stock Images for Email Marketing

New Years Subject Lines

The end of the year is an exciting time with festivities around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and of course, New Years to wrap it up neatly. Although Christmas is primarily talked about from December 1st to the 25th, New Years is an important holiday too. Many people start making plans for the new year before Christmas, even if they’re not as vocal about it.

Your New Years email marketing campaign should be planned at least a month in advance, so you have ample time to brainstorm some good ideas. To get you started, we explain how to write good New Years subject lines, provide examples of good subject lines that you can use, and list four sources where you can find free stock images for New Years.

New Years Subject Lines

How to Write Good New Years Subject Lines

Writing great New Years subject lines is easy once you know what makes one effective. There are three basic methods of luring subscribers in with a subject line: triggering a sense of urgency, appealing to a person’s curiosity, and establishing exclusivity.

It’s only natural to play on a sense of urgency as the year comes to an end. Many people will be thinking about the things they didn’t accomplish or didn’t get to do this year; and will promise themselves to get it done in 2017 instead. Whether you’re urging them to take advantage of a sale before it ends or to improve their lives in some way for 2017, urgency is powerful.

Many people will be thinking about the things they didn't accomplish or didn't get to do this year. Click To Tweet

An example of a subject line that creates a sense of urgency is “3,2,1… Countdown to new deals!” Any subject line that reminds subscribers of how much time they have left to buy your products on sale also creates a sense of urgency.

Additionally, New Years subject lines that appeal to a person’s curiosity are also highly effective. In general, curiosity is a powerful magnet in marketing. When you leave out a piece of information from the subject line that’s valuable for the reader to know, they feel a strong urge to click, simply to satisfy their curiosity. Customers don’t like it when there’s something meaningful they don’t know about.

Customers don't like it when there's something meaningful they don't know about. Click To Tweet

Remind your subscribers that they have access to exclusive content and deals as loyal customers. Use a subject line that announces a subscribers-only offer, as long as it really is only open to your subscribers. If you don’t have any offers that are exclusive yet, plan one for the new year! It’s an easy, effective ecommerce email marketing tactic to implement.

Here are several New Years subject lines you can use, courtesy of Campaign Monitor:

  • Last chance to support (X cause) in 2016
  • Save 40% before the ball drops!
  • Thank you for an amazing year! 2016 Year in Review
  • Wait… you missed this?
  • See how we (increased X) by (YY%) with this simple switch
  • Invitation for you: Join our Secret Sale
  • New Boots in 2017–Here’s What’s Coming in 2 Days!
  • The most popular blog post we wrote in 2016: Read now
  • Top 10 ______ of 2016

Free Festive Stock Images to Use in Your New Years Marketing Campaign

Great images are essential to a successful ecommerce email marketing campaign. You can find free New Years stock images at Pexels, Pixabay, and

You can also quickly create New Years images with Canva. They have free festive templates around each holiday. While looking for pictures on the stock images sites, try different search terms such as “2017”, “new year”, “champagne”, and “fireworks” to find the perfect images for your emails.

After Christmas, everyone will be thinking about ringing in the new year. Prepare your New Years email marketing campaigns now, so that you’re not left scrambling to put a campaign together last minute. In fact, some businesses send emails about New Years a few weeks before Christmas. Follow these tips and create incredibly effective subject lines for your New Years email marketing campaign.

Did you have success with a New Years subject line? Let us know what it was in the comments below. Contact us for tips on how to improve your New Years email marketing campaign this year.

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