Are Your Sales Less Than Ideal? You Might Have a Product Marketing Problem

product marketing problem

When your sales are less than ideal, the natural conclusion might be that your product is not resonating with your audience. However, the solution could be even simpler: there’s a chance you have a product marketing problem.

Even the best products will not gain traction with your audience if you don’t promote them efficiently. Given that the average attention span online is 8 seconds, and that most members of your audience will only look at ecommerce marketing emails for 15-20 seconds, you have to capture their attention quickly and effectively. If you don’t, chances are you won’t be happy with the sales results.

Product Marketing Problem

Solving Your Product Marketing Problem Starts With Your Website

Digital marketing begins with your website. If you don’t communicate the value of your brand and the benefits of your products clearly, your audience will ultimately have little incentive to purchase your products.

To successfully market your product, your website must be visually attract users in, offer a natural progression and guide visitors towards your products, as well as communicate the value your visitors can potentially gain from buying these products – ultimately gaining you more conversions.

Determine Your Core Value Proposition

Any marketing effort, including your website, needs to begin with and depend on an effective value proposition. What exactly will your audience obtain from engaging with your brand? If you can sum it up in one sentence, you’ve made a major step towards solving your product marketing problem. This article can help you come up with an effective value proposition for your brand.

Find the Right Channels For Your Audience

Next, it’s time to spread the word about your products and their value to your audience. Here, it’s ideal to focus on channels where your audience is most likely to engage. For example, you may decide to promote your brand on social media – but do you know which networks your audience is spending their time on? The answer gives your marketing efforts direction.

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Much of your product marketing problem can be solved in this step. There are vast opportunities to market your problems online and it’s easy to choose a channel that isn’t effective. Strategic thinking is key: for example, ecommerce email marketing is most effective after the purchase, while Google advertisements work well to raise initial awareness.

Communicate Your Message Effectively

After determining the channels through which you will engage with your audience, it’s time for the final piece of the puzzle: the messaging you use to communicate to your audience. Best practices are difficult to narrow down, because it ultimately depends on the channel: for instance, a Twitter post should look very different from an email.

However, some lessons apply to all channels equally:

  • Use action-based language: prompt your audience to take the next step rather than passively promoting your product by simply mentioning its name.
  • Focus on the benefits rather than the features.
  • Keep it short and sweet, even if you have the space to make it longer. Emails, for example, perform best if they are between 50 and 125 words long.
  • Visuals matter, but be sure to include only visuals that match the channel and don’t distract from the verbal call-to-action.

Using these practices, you can design a message that effectively reaches your audience. Communicating an efficient message through the right channel will lead your audience to an optimized website, ultimately increasing conversions. With these steps, you can solve your product marketing problem without having to change the product itself. For help on how to begin the process, contact us.

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