Referral Marketing Tips for Attaining More Referrals Online

Referral marketing is a great way to attract loyal customers to your business. Referral Candy reported that consumers pay twice as much attention to recommendations from friends than from other sources. They also shared that referred customers are less likely to leave. If you encourage referred customers to share the word about your business and product, you’ll easily create a steady stream of referred customers. Here are four referral marketing tips for attaining more referrals online.

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Derive valuable information from your referral marketing stats in Google Analytics

If you want to get more referrals online, then you should know where your business currently stands in terms of referral marketing. You should know who’s already linking to you and talking about your ecommerce store on their blogs. To view your referral marketing stats, check your Google Analytics under the referrals category. It will show you which sites are linking to you, how much traffic each sends your way, and how many of those referral visitors convert into customers. What can you do with this data? Consider writing a guest blog post for them or asking them to guest blog on your site. Invite them to your referral program. Or work out additional mentions in upcoming posts. These are just some of the ways you can benefit from analyzing your Google Analytics data on referrals.

Make it easy for website visitors to refer your brand

If you want more online referrals, you must make it easy for website visitors to refer your brand. Most people are willing to refer businesses they like but most don’t because it wasn’t made easy for them to spread the word. For example, you can add a “refer” link to your website menu that not only makes it easy for visitors to refer your website online but places the thought in their minds. Also make sure social media share buttons show up on every product page, so that customers can easily share items they like with their followers.

Send your subscribers an email asking them to share the word

Ecommerce email marketing serves many great uses and can even be used in conjunction with your referral marketing strategy. One way to increase online referrals through email marketing is to ask subscribers to share the word about your business and products. As with all referral marketing tactics, this works best when you give subscribers an incentive to refer you.

Be careful you ask in the right way or else subscribers will think you’re begging or being too salesy. There’s an art to asking. For one, write a good email subject headline. It must be a headline that makes people want to click on it. In the email, discuss the benefits to both the customer and his/her friends if they take you up on your offer. For example, you could give a discount to customers and their referrals when the referral orders from your business.

Deliver exceptional service that makes people want to talk about your brand

Last but not least, you should always deliver exceptional service. Receiving referrals depends on how much you delight your customers. If they leave your business feeling unhappy about your service, they’re not likely to recommend you to their friends and family. If anything, they will warn people they know to NOT go to your business. Therefore, delivering great service is crucial for succeeding with referral marketing.

Increasing your online referrals is important for growing your business through one of the most powerful forms of marketing: word-of-mouth. Customers who discover your business through being referred are generally more loyal than those who aren’t. Four ways to get more referrals online are to analyze your referral stats in Google Analytics, make it easy for customers to refer your brand, use ecommerce email marketing to ask for referrals, and deliver exceptional service.

What incentive are you giving customers to refer you? Contact us for help creating a good incentive for customers to refer your brand that won’t be hard on your wallet but still be enough to excite customers.

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