Refresh Your Marketing with These Ecommerce New Year’s Resolutions

Refresh Your Marketing

If you stop worrying about your digital marketing, it will ultimately become stale. On a regular basis, you need to refresh your marketing to ensure that it continues to successfully reach your audience, and helps grow your business. And what better way to do that than the beginning of a new year?

Especially as an ecommerce entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate as the new year approaches, but don’t let that effect your marketing priorities. Here are 5 new year’s resolutions that every ecommerce business owner should make come January 1st.

refresh your marketing

Evaluate Your Target Audience

No marketing or sales efforts can be successful if you don’t target the right audience. When refreshing your marketing strategy, you should always begin with evaluating and optimizing your target audience.

No marketing or sales efforts can be successful if you don't target the right audience. Click To Tweet

A great starting point for this analysis are your current customers. Can you spot commonalities and themes that can be expanded to a larger group? In addition, analyzing your social media followers and web visitors can give you insight into who is interested in your company.

Focus on Email Marketing

No matter how much you prioritize ecommerce email marketing, it’s probably not enough. Email marketing has a high ROI, consistently ranking it atop the most successful digital tactics available. Ecommerce entrepreneurs can especially benefit from the channel’s ability to get in touch with consumers in real-time.

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, you likely to use email – and it’s probably not enough. If you don’t take advantage of automated notification systems, email personalization, and list segmentation, it’s time to refresh your marketing for the new year.

Expand Your Social Efforts

Similar to email, social media is becoming an increasingly ubiquitous marketing tool within ecommerce. Your opportunities are constantly expanding: through in-depth targeting and messaging options, you can ensure that your organic and paid social media presence reaches your intended target audience in a variety of ways.

For the coming year, it’s time to optimize this approach. Evaluate which channels work best for you and focus your efforts there. Then, research current social media trends and new features, such as Facebook Live, and make a plan for incorporating them into your marketing strategy.

Evaluate which channels work best for you and focus your efforts there. Click To Tweet

Update Your Website

Is your website ready for your audience? If not, now is a perfect opportunity to get on track. Evaluate your current visitor, conversion, and cart abandonment statistics, and determine where you need to improve. Then, come up with a strategy on how to do it.

For example, you may find that your mobile visitors convert at a significantly lower rate than their desktop counterparts. In that case, update your website’s code, navigation, and content to be more mobile-friendly. As you make your new year’s resolutions, don’t forget about the marketing basics – which should always include the success of your website.

Update Your Theme

Even if your website doesn’t need a major overhaul, you may still want to make minor changes in order to get it ready for the next year. For example, as a Shopify or WordPress user, make sure that your theme is still up-to-date and appealing to your potential customers.

There is no better time to refresh marketing efforts than the beginning of a new year. You can plan your budget and prioritize your time to make sure that your ecommerce business will thrive in the short and long-term future. From a focus on ecommerce email marketing to a website update, the perfect new year’s resolutions drive your business forward and help you continue to succeed.

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