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Babel Alchemy

These days, organic men’s grooming products are hard to find. Babel Alchemy focuses on specifically caring for men’s beards – from beard oil, wash, and balm. Read on to find out how the business started and their best ecommerce tips for new businesses.

Babel Alchemy

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you sell at Babel Alchemy.

Babel Alchemy is a men’s grooming brand with a primary focus on beard care. Our brand is all about nature and masculinity. We like to think of ourselves as a “brute” brand – manufacturing premium and organic products and selling them to men all over the world.

When did you start selling online? Why?

We started selling online two years ago. It was our initial business model since inception and it continues till this very day. We needed a cost effective solution to get our products out there and to reach a global audience fairly quickly, and there is no better way of doing that than by having an online presence. Another great advantage in selling online is lower set up and operational costs, the result is higher margins for us and more competitive prices for our customers, so it’s a win-win!

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in building and running Babel Alchemy?

In-market customer care continues to be a priority and can prove to be a fairly tricky process, companies like ours are keen to expand into international markets, but when selling to our international customers, they often don’t have access to the relevant support in their language. The customer experience should be tailored and localized to each geographic region with information that is relevant and helpful to them.

Which is why we are working on offering localized versions of our online store for priority markets which will include translations, local phone numbers and relevant FAQs, which can help reduce calls and emails for questions that can be easily answered, leaving both the customer and us at ease.

Babel Alchemy

How do you attract new customers?

Being an online business, customer acquisition for us is typically done through social media and digital advertising. We do a lot of research on existing and potential customers by gathering and analyzing existing data through various channels (search queries, followers on social media and web traffic), which helps us create a customer profile that closely resembles a potential buyer. After getting a clearer picture of what our target audience might look like, we then target them with engaging and visually appealing content.

Can you share a tip or something interesting you learned in the process of building and running Babel Alchemy?

The one thing we learnt while running our shop is the importance of customer retention. You often find yourself spending a lot of time, money and resources on customer acquisition, so it is absolutely essential to maximize your ROI and retain those customers. Leaving a good first impression on your customers is key to winning their loyalty, so always make sure they are happy with the service and products they receive, which can be achieved through excellent customer support and by actively listening to their concerns. In turn, this can help generate positive reviews for your products and business, which is absolutely essential for any online business.

Babel Alchemy

Looking for amazing organic men’s grooming products? Check out Babel Alchemy.

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