Shop Spotlight: Koar on Trial and Error in Entrepreneurship


Koar, founded in 2010, started from a desire of having a high-quality audio experience while enjoying the great outdoors. In this week’s Shop Spotlight, Cindy Jeffery talks about her trial-and-error experience in becoming an entrepreneur and starting a Shopify store from scratch. Keep reading for advice on how Koar overcame the financial hurdles of starting an ecommerce business, as well as some tips for gaining customers.


Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you sell at Koar.

I’m a techie at heart, and an entrepreneur by trial and error. When a new gadget comes out, I’m the one people ask what it’s like. For better or worse, I’m always trying out new gadgets. And when I do, I’m telling my friends and family about them – why they’re great, or why the gadget could have been great but missed the mark. As I was venturing further into the world of entrepreneurship, it was natural for me to sell mobile accessories, because I know how these accessories can really make your life better.

For now Koar sells mobile accessories, Bluetooth speakers, wired and Bluetooth headphones, phone power chargers, phone holders, and more. It brings me great satisfaction when customers share how much they enjoy the products, and how the products make their lives better.

When did you get started selling online? Why?

I started selling online as an affiliate a few years ago, building one step at a time to being a Shopify store owner. Life is short. I want to help people live better lives. I saw an opportunity, while at the same time, work from wherever I am and work in line with what’s important to me. So selling online, for me, is truly a win-win.

Life is short. I want to help people live better lives. @KoarDiscoveries Click To Tweet

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in building and running Koar?

Getting financing for inventory has been a learning process. It’s taken a considerable amount of time and effort. What we’ve done is combine various strategies: using personal resources, pulling on “credit card financing,” and using drop shipping – these have all been part of financing inventory to help grow the business. I’m still learning about getting financing and managing cash flow and inventory. Running a tight ship really makes the difference between success and failure, and so this is a key area I’m working to improve.


How do you attract new customers?

One of the things that’s been helpful for us in attracting new customers has been providing members-only deals to our email list. Our members appreciate receiving discounts by email. And when we serve our customers well, they tell their friends about us.

Can you share a tip or something interesting you learned in the process of building and running Koar?

One thing that’s been important for me to remind myself of is simply not to overthink things. Taking action and seeing how that action performs is critical for an entrepreneur. Sometimes that action re-affirms what you thought, and sometimes you’re surprised. Once you’ve found something that works, then you can do more of that. If something doesn’t work, drop it like a hot potato and move on. And try, try and try again. Persistence matters.

If something doesn’t work, drop it like a hot potato and move on. @KoarDiscoveries Click To Tweet



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