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Made With Love

These days, skin care products contain many harmful chemicals and alcohols, as well as fake fragrances. Founder of Made With Love Natural Skin Care, Michele Tomasicchio, unintentionally went on a mission to fix the unregulated skin care industry while taking a herbalism training course to create products for her massage therapy clients. Read on to find out how the business started and what differentiates Made With Love from mass-produced skin care products.

Made With Love

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you sell at Made With Love.

Hi! I’m Michele Tomasicchio – I started Made With Love over 10 years ago, without the intention of creating an ecommerce business. I’m a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist. I wanted to make my own herbal teas and tinctures as a service to add for the health of my clients, so I enrolled in a year-long training in herbalism. I quickly learned how to make moisturizers and balms, and was incredibly mesmerized! Then I started making products in my kitchen, gave some as gifts and to my mom’s coworkers who spread the word and kept the orders coming.

I started researching why the mass produced products didn’t work as well as the simple, yet powerful ingredients I was using. I learned about how the industry isn’t really regulated; they use a ton of chemicals and alcohols that have serious health-related side effects. Once I got my certificate in herbalism, I wanted people to know that there are a lot of harmful chemicals in mass produced products – so I started Made With Love.

At Made With Love, we handcraft (100% measuring, melting, whipping and pouring!) amazing body care products that nurture your skin and soul. We create our own recipes, use high performance botanicals, herbs, pure essential oils and natural preservatives. We don’t use fragrance oils, low grade oils like soybean oil; nor do we use pre-made lotion mixes and add fake fragrances. Everything is made in small batches to ensure freshness, and did I say that we make everything from scratch?

When did you start selling online? Why?

We started selling online six years ago, simply to start to reaching a larger audience – and what better way to do that than online!

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in building and running Made With Love?

This biggest challenge is being a solopreuner. Making the product, attending shows and events, and learning the tech side of running an online shop. I started with Etsy and moved to Shopify, which was ultimately easier to use. My current challenge is maintaining a constant relationship with my email list, whether they are customers or potential customers.

Made With Love

How do you attract new customers?

This is what I’m working on… having a consistent blog, asking customers what they want to see, asking them to share the info we send. I just switched over to Bizzy and plan on learning what the software can do to make my life easier while staying in contact with my base.

Made With Love

Looking for chemical-free, all natural skin care products? Check out Made with Love.

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