Shop Spotlight: No Rest for Bridget

No Rest for Bridget

With an already incredibly successful retail store, No Rest for Bridget has quickly become a favorite online store amongst new and old customers alike. Read on to learn how No Rest for Bridget managed to maintain similar aesthetics between their stores and online shop.

No Rest for Bridget

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you sell at No Rest for Bridget.

Since 2004, No Rest For Bridget (NRFB) has been one of the leading women’s retail chains known for its carefully curated selection of chic and affordable fashion, shoes, accessories, and lifestyle products. With multiple stores on the west and east coasts, we have built a reputation of being known as the “go-to store” when you need an outfit right away- whether it is for work, the weekend or just about any occasion. “Bridget” represents a fashion-savvy, wallet-friendly, career-orientated woman constantly on-the-go who wants to look fashionable throughout her hectic day. For her, we strive to always provide classic and timeless pieces that will make her feel sophisticated and elegant no matter where the day takes her, whether she is spending it at the office, or out with her girlfriends.

When did you get started selling online? Why?

We launched our online store in the fall of 2013 with the intention of offering an easy way for our dedicated, brick-and-mortar customers to shop NRFB 24/7. Since our launch, our online store has quickly been growing and constantly evolving. The majority of our stores are based in Orange County, so with our online store we have also been able to expose our brand to new customers from all over the world, which is really exciting for us. We also recently introduced in-store pickups, which allows our customers to order online and pickup their order at select NRFB Stores. This has served as a great way to get our in-store customers to shop on our website – not to mention, it’s also very convenient for them.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in building and running No Rest for Bridget?

When we launched our online store, we were faced with a few difficult challenges – the biggest being deciding who we are as a brand and creating a clear and unique brand aesthetic to match everything we did with our online store – from social postings to email blasts. Even though we had a strong idea of who we were as a brand with our retail stores, we quickly learned that with an online store, you have to take that vision to the next level and make sure the brand aesthetic you create online is concrete. It took some time for us to build our branding to where we wanted it to be, but now that we have a clear vision of who we are, we are able to better market ourselves to our target customers.

Along with this challenge, we also had to figure out a plan on how we were going to get our dedicated store customers to shop online, as this was a new concept we were introducing to them. With the introduction of in-store pickups and returns, we were able to bridge the gap between online and in-store and entice our customers to shop online.

Although, we have come a long way from our launch in 2013, we believe the ecommerce industry in relations to retail is constantly growing and evolving. It is so important for us to keep up with the trends by continuing to test new apps and marketing trends to continue to grow our online store.

No Rest for Bridget

How do you attract new customers?

Attracting new customers is definitely one of the biggest challenges with having an online store. For our brand, we’ve found that social media advertising and strong email marketing apps, such as Bizzy, seem to work the best with bringing new customers to our online store.

Can you share a tip or something interesting you learned in the process of building and running No Rest for Bridget?

One of the biggest tips we can offer in building and running your shop is to always be building your email list. Your email list is your direct contact with your customers, so it is so important to constantly be experimenting with apps and different email marketing techniques that will appeal to your customers and get them to go on your website. Also, be open to constantly experimenting with new ways to bring customers to your store. There are so many amazing apps out there that can really make a dramatic difference with your marketing. Be patient with your testing and remember you can never stop learning about your customer needs and what works best with email marketing for your company.

No Rest for Bridget

If you’re looking for an easy way to shop for your favorite women’s clothing, check out the online store for No Rest for Bridget!

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