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In this week’s Shop Spotlight, we asked Diane Danforth from Pawdentify to share her Shopify experience and best tips for selling online with us. Keep reading for some great insights and, if you have a furry friend, check out her life-saving pet ID products here!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you sell.

I have always loved animals. I had the opportunity to combine my passion with work by teaming up with my father to launch Pawdentify. We discovered that pet ID products on the market are frustrating. Metal rings and hooks make it a pain to attach tags. Plus, engraved metal tags are hard to read and unexciting. ID is so important, but even responsible pet owners consider it a hassle.

Pawdentify is on a mission to keep more dogs and cats safe with ID that works and looks great! Pawdentify Tags are easy to read, durable, and available in fun designs. Plus, our patented connector Links-It makes attaching tags quick and easy. We proudly make our products in the USA.


When did you get started selling online? Why?

We began selling Links-It about 2 years ago – primarily online and also with select retailers who offer Links-It in their stores. Then, our customers gave us the idea to create Pawdentify Tags. They were frustrated that engraved metal tags were hard to read, wore off, and jingled, so they asked us to create a better tag. We launched our Tags in August 2015, which enabled us to offer a full ID solution. Now, we are introducing new Pawdentify Tag designs and a new version of Links-It, which is made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber on Kickstarter. We’d love your support to reach our Kickstarter funding goal, so that we can begin selling these new products online soon.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in building and running your shop?

We love the ability to develop a direct relationship with our consumers. We gain insights and new ideas from them, plus their feedback helps us to improve. It is also very rewarding to hear stories about how our products have helped and to see pictures of their pets wearing our products!

How do you attract new customers?

Since Pawdentify is new, our biggest challenge is that not many people have heard about us yet. Once people try our products, they are very pleased. So, we are trying to let more pet owners know about Pawdentify and that there is now a better alternative to engraved metal tags and metal connectors.

Can you share a tip or something interesting you learned in the process of building and running your shop?

  1. Ratings and reviews are invaluable. It is helpful for potential customers to hear from other customers.
  2. Make sure you start with a scaleable site! We originally started our site on WordPress, but then moved to Shopify to have more e-commerce capabilities. Also, I wish I had learned how to code when I was younger!

Support Pawdentify on Kickstarter!

Please support Pawdentify’s Kickstarter campaign and order new IDs for your pet(s)! If you don’t have a pet, but like our mission, there is an option to donate IDs to a rescued dog or cat in need. Also, please share our Kickstarter project on Facebook. We need your support to make Kickstarter a success!

Click the above image to support Pawdentify on Kickstarter!

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