Shop Spotlight: Shoosha Truly Organic

Shoosha Truly Organic

While raising her young children, Patricia Di Gasbarro quickly realized that the vast majority of skincare products contained a large amount of harmful chemicals. Patricia wanted to change this and help other new moms out there in providing a healthy living for their newborns – and ultimately, Shoosha Truly Organic came about. Read on to learn about which marketing efforts have significantly helped her!

Shoosha Truly Organic

Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you sell at Shoosha Truly Organic.

I am a working mom and wife. I am a proud mom of two young children: a three-year-old daughter and a four-month-old son. During the day, I work for a large corporation, and then take on the roles of wife, mom, and entrepreneur selling Shoosha, a skin care line that has zero synthetic ingredients and carries the USDA food grade organic seal, to families who are looking for products that have no harsh chemicals and are great for sensitive skin.

When did you get started selling online? Why?

We started selling online just under two years ago. As a startup company, selling online is easier to launch both operationally and financially. Consumers today want the flexibility to shop at a retail location and order online – therefore, we are growing our brick and mortar shelf space while maintaining a customer base online. In addition, when a shopper goes into a personal care aisle at a brick and mortar store they’re typically overwhelmed with options. It is hard to decipher what is truly an “organic” product – having our online store is a one-stop-shop with no worries that the products contain harmful chemicals.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in building and running Shoosha Truly Organic?

The three main challenges we face on a daily basis are functionality, aesthetics, and exposure of the shop. As far as over coming the challenges, that’s a never-ending battle. I would say functionality has been the easiest of the three; we try to make the shopping experience as streamlined and self-intuitive as possible and I believe we’ve done a good job of that. As far as aesthetics go, you want an image that is consistent with your brand and sometimes that’s tough to achieve if you aren’t a marketing expert. I would say this in itself is continuously a work in progress for us.

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Ultimately, the biggest challenge we face of maintaining an online shop for our type of product is exposure and building confidence with your audience. A brand needs multiple touch points with a consumer before they feel comfortable enough to purchase. We’re always looking for ways to make this happen and are fortunate that there are apps, like Bizzy, that have helped with streamlining our email campaigns.

Shoosha Truly Organic

How do you attract new customers?

Various avenues have helped us so far – however trade shows, word of mouth, and social media have been the most impactful for attracting new customers.

Can you share a tip or something interesting you learned in the process of building and running Shoosha Truly Organic?

Follow up is the key to success! Once a customer has shown an interest in your brand, whether they placed an order or signed up for your email campaigns, you have to be consistent in the follow-up. Also, it helps your company become more than just a product, and instead make it a brand that your customers enjoy and can relate too.

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Shoosha Truly Organic

If you’re in search of skin products that don’t contain harmful chemicals, check out Shoosha Truly Organic.

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