5 Successful Holiday Social Media Campaigns to Boost Revenue

Successful Holiday Social Media Campaigns

The time to begin preparing and planning your holiday campaigns is now! With Christmas right around the corner, it’s imperative that brands start mapping out their marketing agendas to leverage and make gains from the biggest shopping season for retail and ecommerce. Luckily, we’ve outlined five successful holiday social media campaigns to foster ideas for your strategy.

successful holiday social media campaigns

#1. Hold a contest or giveaway

Social media contests are highly effective in engaging your followers, building a vault of user-generated content, and boosting brand awareness and exposure. The holidays are when your prospects are significantly more active on social media platforms and are hoping to save money from all of the holiday shopping. And besides, who doesn’t like winning prizes?

The holidays are when your prospects are significantly more active on social media platforms. Click To Tweet

There are different types of holiday contests you can hold, but sweepstakes are the easiest. Make it simple for followers to enter (a great way to feed your email list with new subscribers), make the prize interesting and focused on your buyer personas, and create visuals that promote the contest. In addition, increase the believability of winning by offering multiple prizes.

#2. Share holiday tips & tricks

On the other hand, you can publish content pieces that offer helpful tips that consumers can use during the holidays. These tips can range from how to shop for the best deals, shopping safety tips, holiday traveling, beauty, and even ways to stay healthy amid all the holiday eating. Making them relevant to your brand messaging is a plus, yet sharing useful information helps separate your brand and position you as a go-to source.

This is also ideal in bolstering your ecommerce email marketing strategy by giving valuable content that nurtures your subscriber. In fact, nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads, so go and share these holiday tips and tricks that may impact future revenue.

#3. Give followers a behind-the-scenes look

The holidays present countless opportunities to engage your audience with different events and festivities that occur during this time. Use live-stream video platforms like Instagram Stories, Periscope, and Facebook Live to involve your social followers with your company’s events. This may include your annual Christmas party, office celebration and décor, awards ceremonies, or volunteer events.

Let your social networks in on the fun, which further humanizes your brand, making you more relatable and bringing more awareness to your business.

#4. Black Friday

Of course, successful social media campaigns are not complete without an effective Black Friday strategy. In 2014, $1.5 billion was spent online on Black Friday alone! Creating campaigns such as countdowns, contests or games help highlight your online deals for this big day.

Here are a few Black Friday social media campaigns ideas:

  • Offer hourly online deals that your subscribers and followers can take advantage of. For example, every hour for four hours provide a special deal on a certain product.
  • Use images to promote sign up deals on social media. Any followers who subscribe to your list will receive an exclusive Black Friday deal.
  • Give a little sneak peek and reveal one or two of your Black Friday deals on social media before the big shopping day.
  • Offer a free gift with purchase.

Be sure to build a separate email marketing campaign for your Black Friday promotion.

#5. Support a charitable cause

The holidays are certainly a time for giving. Hold a campaign that supports your favorite organization. Use your branded and their branded hashtag to increase exposure and bring awareness to the cause. Also, encourage your customers and followers to volunteer or donate. Using your brand name and messaging to draw attention to issues shows that you care and have a desire to create positive changes in your community.

Bonus tip: Make your site festive by including a holiday-themed background image. Such changes are known to appeal to consumers emotions and keep them in the holiday (and buying) spirit. Use a large image to ensure that it will look great on any screen regardless of size.

Appeal to consumers emotions and keep them in the holiday (and buying) spirit. Click To Tweet

If you’re going to take full advantage of Q4 and all that the holidays has to offer your online business, you need to begin preparing and planning immediately.

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