Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines, Tips, and Free Stock Images


Thanksgiving is a great time to boost sales for your business as people transition into the holiday spirit, think of what they’re grateful for, and go into a turkey coma. In order to receive your share of the holiday pie, you must make your ecommerce store stand out. But how do you differentiate yourself among the crowd of marketers who also want to grab someone’s attention? It all begins with creating good Thanksgiving email subject lines for your ecommerce email marketing campaign.

If your subject line isn’t interesting enough to grab your subscribers attention, they will delete the email immediately without even reading it. To make sure that doesn’t happen to your business, we’ve pointed out good email subject lines, provided a few tips for Thanksgiving marketing, and included sources for free stock images.

thanksgiving email subject lines

How to Create Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines

It’s tempting to go with the first email subject line you think of, but you can usually think of a better subject when you take some time to brainstorm. Write a list of anything that comes to mind and narrow it down to the best subject lines for your ecommerce email marketing campaign. Examples of some good Thanksgiving email subject lines that you can pull inspiration from are:

  • Gahhhhh… The turkey’s dry!
  • 10 Engagement Tips to Gobble Over at Thanksgiving
  • It’s OK to have seconds (or thirds) of this sale
  • Good gravy! 20% off
  • This week’s forecast? Stress-free holiday grocery shopping!
  • 15 Thanksgiving Drinks to Start on While Cooking

Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips for Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving marketing plan should embrace the spirit of the holiday without being pushy. To avoid looking like you’re trying too hard, stay true to your brand. Don’t change the brand’s voice just because it’s Thanksgiving – everything you do should be consistent. With that in mind, here are some email marketing tips for your Thanksgiving promotions:

Show gratitude.

This is an obvious tip, but can be forgotten as businesses go through sales. Take a moment to reflect on how grateful you are for your customers and send them a heartwarming email without any marketing messages, simply thanking them. You’ll leave smiles on their faces and a good impression of your business.

Encourage the giving spirit.

You can also encourage the giving spirit in an email. Evite, for example, asked subscribers to send one of Evite’s digital thank you cards to their friends and families. They allowed subscribers to send premium thank you cards free for Thanksgiving with a coupon code. Try doing something similar for your ecommerce business. Perhaps offer a small free gift that they can give to a loved one or a discount when they buy a gift for someone else.

Create a Thanksgiving-themed call to action.

Although calls-to-action should normally be clear, it’s alright to embrace your creativity for Thanksgiving. Change the text in your call-to-action button to something related to Thanksgiving. For example, create a button in your campaign that says “gobble, gobble” or “pass the gravy”.

Optimize your emails for mobile using responsive design.

One of the most important tips for Thanksgiving email marketing is to use a responsive design in your emails. Responsive design means that your email will format neatly on any device. Emails that aren’t responsive may not load correctly on certain smartphones or smartwatches, and may result in lost opportunities.

Free Stock Images for Thanksgiving

Good images are like good pie on Thanksgiving: your email marketing campaign wouldn’t be complete without captivating images. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy images if it’s not within your budget. There are hundreds of free stock images for Thanksgiving that you can use. To shorten your research time, here are three sites that provide great (and free!) Thanksgiving pictures:

  1. Stock Free Images
  2. Free Digital Photos
  3. Public Domain Pictures

Plan your Thanksgiving email marketing campaign a few months before turkey day by creating a list of Thanksgiving email subject lines, collecting photos, and using these Thanksgiving marketing tips to guide your plan. Embrace a feeling of gratitude and stay true to your brand’s voice.

Do you need help writing an email marketing plan for Thanksgiving? Contact us for additional assistance with your ecommerce email marketing.

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