Need a Better Inventory Management App? Our Top 4 Picks

The best inventory management app

We will help you find the top inventory management app for your business!

One of the more annoying but critical tasks of a small business owner is keeping track of and monitoring inventory.  These apps focus on helping you to seamlessly and effectively navigate the inventory issue to help ensure you never run out of your hot selling items.

Items and Storage and Inventory

This is a very simple app that allows you to create categories and have a running list of how many items and where they are stored. It allows you to create your own categories, and descriptions upload photos of the items. It also conveniently has a built in bar code scanner and the ability to send alerts when stock is running low. Price: $4.99 Available on iOS only.

Inventory Now

On the most basic level, Inventory Now allows you to see a snapshot of your inventory or track it over time. It includes information such as date, location, and barcode and is easily searchable. Price: $4.99. Available for iOS only.

On Shelf

On Shelf provides a snapshot of your current inventory.  Which items do you have on hand and which do you need to order. The inventory level is tracked with a red, yellow or green dot to indicate whether or not levels are getting low. Equally important, the app generates a sales trends report so that you can understand what is selling.  The app also lets you look at purchase history by individual customer. Price: $4.99. Available for iOS only.

Goods Order Inventory

Manage your inventory across desktop and mobile and with multiple users. Price: Basic is free, upgrade to 3 users and 50MB of storage is $18/month. Available for iOS and Android.

Hope these inventory management app recommendations give you some time back in your busy lives!

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