The Best Reminder Apps For Your Business

The best reminder apps for business

There is so much to get done on a daily basis, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all. Luckily, here are some of the best reminder apps out there that ensure you check off everything on your list. These apps are like the personal assistant you always wanted, keeping you on track and organized.


It’s as if your handwritten to-do list got a great digital makeover. Any.Do calls itself a to-do list and task manager.  It’s great because you can easily add new items as well as set deadlines and reminders for each.  Collaboration is one of the most interesting aspects of Any.Do. Need more supplies purchased, but don’t have the time to do it yourself?  Any.Do makes it super easy to delegate since you can create a list that is shared (viewable and editable) by your team. The sharing of company tasks and deadlines enables Any.Do to function as a reminder app that keeps everyone in the loop and on track. Furthermore you can easily set reminders for recurring tasks so you don’t forget to send out that e-mail or social media post.  The main critique of Any.Do is that it is difficult to delete a task if you create one by mistake. Price: Free, $5/month to have more than 2 collaborators on a list. They are currently running a special offer for new premium rate subscribers at $2.99/month. Available on Android and iOS.


Wunderlist is extraordinarily similar to Any.Do in terms of functionality and price.  Before Any.Do updated its app in October 2014 to include sharing and collaboration, Wunderlist set itself apart by making it easy for you to tag your friends in to-do list items.  For this reason, now the difference between the two pretty much comes down to aesthetics and user interface preference.  Some users complain that Wunderlist does not give you the option to customize how your to-do list sorts. Price: Free, $4.99 Available on Android and iOS.


In contrast to Wunderlist, Todoist makes it very easy to sort and filter your to-do list items. This is a great feature to have when one is faced with shifting timelines or priorities. Otherwise It offers much the same features of the other two (collaboration, across platform syncing, deadlines etc.). The main drawback is that a premium (paid) subscription is needed in order to have access to reminders and to be able to attach files. Also some people complain adding subtasks and scheduling repeat tasks is unnecessarily cumbersome. Price: Free, $29/year. The premium version has pretty important features including the ability to search through your to-do list and set reminders. Available for iOS and Android.


Alarmed enables you to create a to-do list and set different sounding alarms to each task. This way it is easy to remember the task simply by the alarm. If you really love to procrastinate, there is a “Relentless Nag Me” option that will repeatedly bring up the reminder until you have completed the task. It might come in handy for those outlying to-dos you’ve secretly been putting off. Price: Free, $1.99 for upgraded version that allows for icloud syncing and to set repeat reminders. Available on iOS only.

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