Using Bots to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Using Bots to Boost your Social Media Presence

Technology is approaching the point where artificial intelligence is now being used by ecommerce companies to boost their social media presence. These bots have the potential of increasing the effectiveness and sales of your business, but is it worth sacrificing the shopping experience and diminishing the connection between business owner and customer?

Using bots to boost your social media presence

Artificial Intelligence has Progressed to Using Bots to Boost Your Social Media Presence

The use of bots on social media is growing, and the trend is likely an impossible one to stop.

Think about it: everything you do online is through a computing device using various software programs, and your role is to direct what you want the device to do. Visit Facebook. Post a pin on Pinterest. Open an email. You’re simply using the keyword or mouse to interface with the network. What you are able to tell a computer to do, programmers are able to write a program to tell the hardware and software to do the same thing.

According to this slideshare program, within 2-5 years bots will perform most mobile tasks. The only difference is that, so far, bots can choose to buy items, but they can’t pay – not unless somebody gives them the money.

They also cannot think, however, they can use keywords and contexts to scan through messages and answer questions. Additionally, bots can learn from the feedback they receive to improve their English.

Believe it or not, bots are able to tweet, post, like and exchange messages with others, including real people who may not realize they are chatting with an AI bot.

Are AI Chat Bots Good for eCommerce Merchants? Shopify Speaks Out

Shopify, one of the top platforms for small ecommerce businesses, is currently using Kit, an AI virtual assistant. They suggest merchants use Kit or related bots to post products and sales to Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

The platform also suggest using bots to create business reports. The bot can open up your accounts on Amazon, Shopify, your credit card merchant and any other store your products are being sold on, to add up sales and revenue figures.

Shopify mentions letting the bot create your Facebook and Instagram ads; however, be cautious. Using bots to boost your social media presence doesn’t mean you have to give them access to your checking account. Nevertheless, there’s little doubt that AI programs will be able to constantly monitor performance of Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram ads, tweaking and testing them in real-time.

A bot can even send personalized thank you emails to customers. Of course ecommerce businesses should use email marketing to stay connected with both prospects and customers; however, a bot can help you with one important aspect of managing your customer list, segmenting it.

What Bots Can’t Do

It’s clear that using bots to boost your social media presence is possible. What about what some ecommerce merchants do: outsourcing their sites’ online customer service to chatbots?

Shopify comes out against this practice, especially for small businesses that are not overwhelmed by customers browsing their store. Currently, these chatbots are not as efficient at providing customer service as a living human does (but there is no doubt that the quality will improve over time).

In addition, these small business owners are able to learn more about their customers, ultimately making them more successful and knowledgable merchants. A bot can tell a customer how many widgets are in stock and what size they come in, but they cannot learn from the transaction on how to select better products for future inventory.

Through using Messenger or similar chat applications, ecommerce store owners can talk with online shoppers and customers, and actually learn from the experience. Responding as a real person produces a connection that is real to the prospect.

Responding as a real person produces a connection that is real to the prospect. Click To Tweet

Have you ever considered using bots to boost your social media presence? As a social media user, what do you think of reading Facebook posts or tweets written by a bot? Have you detected any?

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