7 Wicked Halloween Subject Lines that Treat Your List


Are you ready to engage your subscribers with spooky Halloween subject lines that increase open rates and responsiveness to your content? This Halloween season, formulate eerie email content that draws your audience in and gets them involved in your brand.

Halloween subject lines

7 Halloween Subject Lines

It’s a fun time time of the year, so give your subscribers a creepy feeling that differs from your normal email content. Start with the subject line: here are seven subject line ideas to kick off your Halloween email campaign and how they can help generate engagement and sales for your business.

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#1 Get Your Halloween Treats Before They Vanish!

Subject lines that create a sense of urgency and exclusivity can obtain a 22% higher open rate. Using words like “today only” or ones that gives deadlines compels your readers to act now rather than putting it off for later (when they’re likely to forget)!

#2 Be “Boo-tiful” this Halloween! Shop now on yoursite.com! All treats, no tricks!

Obviously this subject line will work great if you’re in the cosmetics or personal health care industry. It’s a great way to add-on a Halloween theme while promoting your website.

#3 We’re Scaring Up Some Savings For You

Curiosity doesn’t just kill the cat: it’s a valuable marketing tool that often drives consumers to take action. Build up curiosity in your subject lines to boost engagement, and your sales will be scary high.

#4 A frightfully good offer – up to 50% off Halloween

Using numbers in your subject line is an overall effective ecommerce email marketing practice. Refer to numbers to indicate listicles, page length of the offer you’re sending, or, as in this example, a specific discount. Numbers do extremely well because it lets readers know the clear intentions about the message.

#5 Deliciously Spooky Halloween Recipes

Giving subscribers a sneak-peek into what they can expect is a good strategy to increasing open rates. This headline makes it eerily clear of what’s waiting inside!

#6 I Witch You a Happy Halloween

Keeping your Halloween subject lines short and sweet will ensure that your title is not cut off, particularly on mobile devices.  With 40% of emails being opened on phones first, using a subject line with less than 50 characters ensures that all viewers see your entire heading.

#7 These Offers are UnBOOlievable

Once again, adding curiosity to a holiday-related phrase is a sure-fire method to improving open rates this Halloween season. Try it for yourself!

Spook Up Your Email Content with Free Stock Images

Did you know: content with relevant images receive 94% more views than content without images? It pays to have visuals complement your email content and increase responsiveness with your list. Here are several sources where you can obtain free stock images to include in your messages:

  • Your email marketing tool – This is the best place to start for your visuals.  Most have free stock images you can simply incorporate into your email message
  • Public Domain Libraries – Over one million professional quality grade images to search (including Halloween-related ones!)
  • StockSnap.io – Huge selection with high-resolution images
  • Unsplash – Great free stock image source for your Halloween campaign and future marketing projects with 10 new high-resolution photos released every 10 days

Final Takeaways

Halloween offers an amazing time for marketers to release their creativity and engage their audiences. Here are some final key pointers to maximize marketing efforts on this festive holiday:

  • Make your emails look spooky by adding scary fonts, dark color schemes, and cobwebs. Don’t be afraid to experiment this year.
  • Engage your list by sharing fun photos from the company Halloween party or costumer day at the office. This helps further humanize your brand, making you more relatable.
  • Decide on some shriek-worthy freebies that can be offered to your list.
  • You can never go wrong adding emojis to your Halloween subject lines. It’s a great strategy to add in a bit of brand personality into your messages while connecting with your subscribers.

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