Winter-Themed Subject Lines and Free Stock Images

Winter-themed Subject Lines

There’s a lot of competition for customer attention during the holidays; which is why email subject lines are especially important during the winter months. In addition, after the new year begins, customers tend to slow down their pace, stay indoors more often, and go into reflection and planning.

This poses a challenge for many small business owners who don’t know how to create effective winter marketing campaigns yet. To solve this problem, compose clickable winter-themed subject lines, use high quality images in your marketing, and implement the two most important marketing tips for winter.

winter-themed subject lines

Winter-Themed Subject Lines

The beginning of winter is a competitive time for retailers because it’s the biggest shopping season of the year and customers are bombarded with special offers left and right. You must know how to make your small business stand out in order to stand out amongst the big name retailers. One of the most important things to do for increasing your holiday sales is to write effective winter-themed subject lines that your subscribers can’t resist clicking.

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Here are some examples of good winter-themed subject lines to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Perfect the art of giving
  • Give thanks! These announcements are as sweet as pie!
  • Gifts That Give Back, Peppermint Fudge Recipe, Guide to Monterey, & More
  • Up to 50% bonus – ’tis better to give AND receive!
  • Where to Have a Snowy Day in the Bay
  • Style forecast: What To Wear This Holiday Season
  • A sale to escape the winter weather!

Where Can You Find Beautiful Free Winter-Themed Stock Images?

Another important aspect of your ecommerce email marketing campaign in the winter is high quality winter-themed stock images. Royalty free images add up in price, so it’s a good idea to check the free options first.

One of the best resources for winter-themed images is Unsplash, a site where photographers post high resolution images that are free to use. Pexels is another site that provides high resolution images free for commercial use, and they have a beautiful selection of winter photos. A third resource is PublicDomainArchive, a site that collects images from public domains, and is free to use.

There are many resources out there for your usage, and best of all, you don’t have to spend a dime!

Two Essential Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips for the Winter Season

Now that you have a few email subject line ideas and a selection of winter-themed photos, keep these two essential email marketing tips in mind throughout the season:

  1. Write educational and entertaining blog posts that are winter-related:
    Brainstorm ideas for “how to” articles, gift guides, and “best of” lists based on winter themes that are relevant to your ecommerce store. Then, send subscribers an email about the article once it’s posted to help drive traffic to the article. If you deliver good content, subscribers will be more inclined to buy from you.
  2. Pay attention to your audience’s behavior:
    Many people slow down during the winter months and don’t go out as often: it’s a time of reflection and planning. They may be more inclined to read books and do other indoor activities during this time. Each business’s audience will have different needs in the winter, so you must observe your customers to see how they behave during this season. Then, meet their needs with your emails and other content.

Some businesses go into a slump after the excitement of the holidays diminishes in January. However, there is still ample opportunity when you have an understanding of your audiences behavior. Craft your emails around what they’re planning for and thinking about during the reflective period of winter, and help motivate them with your content and email marketing campaigns.

Try finding inspiration in winter-themed subject lines that have worked for other businesses. When you implement the tips outlined in this article, winter can be a successful time of the year for your ecommerce store.

How successful was your winter marketing campaign last year? Contact us for expert guidance in improving your email marketing this winter.

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