2 Simple Ways to Keep Customers Subscribed to Your Email List

Keeping subscribers of your email list happy

Email marketing creates more value than any other marketing method.

Email marketing is, hands down, the most effective digital marketing method. It increases revenue, customer engagement and customer growth. With a high return on investment, email marketing generates more revenue for each dollar spent than any other digital marketing method. But, all email marketing is not the same. Effective email marketing requires a good strategy. Here are two critical tips for running effective email marketing campaigns:

1. Don’t overwhelm your customers with too many emails

If you send your customers too many emails, the constant flow of messages will start sounding like noise and your customers will either unsubscribe from your list or just ignore your emails. Businesses with standard automated email marketing systems are sending their customers up to 800 marketing emails per year — that is more than two emails per day!

An effective email marketing program keeps your business top-of mind for your customers and avoids overwhelming them. You need to learn how often customers want to hear from you and then strike the perfect balance for each customer’s engagement.

2. Give your customers a reason to stay subscribed to your email list

If you want customers to stay subscribed, you need to give them a benefit for remaining on your email list. Otherwise, there is no reason for them to stay subscribed or to open your emails. For service and product businesses, the most compelling benefit you can provide is better pricing. Not only will exclusive discounts keep your customers subscribed to your list, but it will also keep them coming back to your business and increase your revenue!

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