Content Marketing Help: Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Competitive Edge

content marketing help

Content is still king in 2016! With increased emphasis on creating quality-rich content now more than ever before, businesses are using content marketing strategies to get in front of their audiences through SEO techniques, social media, and visuals. It’s a sea of content out there and with an increasingly competitive landscape, leveraging content marketing help may be the difference between your content being found and engaged with by your ideal customer…or not!

content marketing help

Content Marketing Help Separates YOU from the Masses

You want to be sure that your content strategy is valuable — that it resonates with your market and moves them to action. If you are looking for content marketing help for producing engaging, relatable content, here are three simple ways that will give you a competitive edge in your space:

#1 Launching a new product? Give a sneak peek!

Revealing the details of something new always breeds excitement and creates buzz. Your launch is a perfect way to boost fan engagement, keep your market in the know, and produce lots of content surrounding your new product. Take advantage of this moment by giving your audience an exclusive sneak peek into the features, benefits and what this product has to offer through your blog content, photos, and videos.

A cool way to connect with your audience is by encouraging comments and feedback on your post. What do they think about it? Do they see it as a solution to their problems? What suggestions do they have to make it better? This is an excellent approach building relationships and gaining customer insight.

#2 Create how-to videos of your products

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. Product demonstration videos are rich content sources that teaches your audience, positions you as an expert in your niche and boosts your business revenue. Consider creating a how-to video for each of your products to explain how it works while offering the features. These videos can serve as email content for your new customers, enhancing their experience with your brand.

#3 Host a Q&A session with live-stream video

Using live-streaming video platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live is a powerful tool to your content strategy and improving follower engagement. Broadcasts (or shows) that are strictly for Q&A gets your audience talking to you, revealing their questions and true concerns.

Promote to your list and followers that you’ll be hosting a session where they can ask you anything! The questions generated gives you real ammo to creating endless content for your blog, videos, and social media posts that relates to your market. Just imagine if you were asked 10 questions that you never thought of? That’s ideas for ten new pieces of content! It’s a great way to stay abreast to the needs and desires of your market while adding to your content strategy.

The beauty of live-streaming videos is that you can repurpose this content for your blog, upload to YouTube channel, and share it with your list as part of your ecommerce email marketing strategy. You can have the video transcribed to be a written article on your blog (with the video added on the same post) as well as converting it to audio to upload on your Podcast channel. Finally, you can create an infographic as a visual of your content. This one video content can be translated into many different forms, thus expanding your content strategy and increasing your online exposure.

This is a powerful strategy and should be leveraged to enhance your overall inbound marketing plan.


By implementing these tactics, content marketing help can improve your brand’s exposure, effectiveness, and results in your online marketing strategy. The key is being in tuned into your target audience and recognizing when your content engages, resonates with their interests, and solves their problems.

What strategies has your brand leveraged to remain competitive using content marketing?

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